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OD Metals manufacturers aluminum die castings for many industries, including automotive, heavy truck & off-road vehicle, telecommunications, medical and many more!

Aluminum Die Casting

Why purchase aluminum die castings from ordinary suppliers when you can get the best product at a competitive price from Offshore Direct Metals? Not only do we have strong connections with the best supply partners in the world, but we also deliver a superior quality product directly to your door.

Although we frequently provide die casting to customers in the automotive industry, due to aluminum’s properties for thermal and electrical conductivity, industries like computer and telecommunications also use it. However, we proudly serve many other industries for a variety of applications.

Aluminum is an incredible material – lightweight yet strong, durable, flexible, and corrosion-resistant, making it an excellent alternative to iron and steel. Aluminum casting also boasts unique mechanical properties, which is why industries around the globe depend on it for a broad range of parts and components.

Aluminum Die Casting
Aluminum Die Casting Services

Among the different die casting that we provide to our customers, A380 is by far in greatest demand. With both physical and mechanical properties, this aluminum casting offers unparalleled benefits beyond those mentioned, including:

  • High strength even at high temperatures
  • Dimensional stability with complex shapes and thin walls
  • Excellent strength and hardness
  • Good strength-to-weight ratio and stiffness
  • Superior finishing characteristics
  • Excellent RFI and EMI shielding properties
  • 100 percent recyclability

As an aluminum-based alloy, 413 is also superior, as is 383, which is perfect for intricate parts and components. We also offer B390 aluminum die castings that have excellent wear-resistance and hardness, A360 that boasts fluidity and pressure tightness, A413, which also features outstanding pressure tightness, and K-Alloy, a cold-chamber die cast alloy engineered specifically for the protection of components facing harsh operating environments. Our DCA1 aluminum die casting is yet another option, ideal for parts and components that require high corrosion-resistance as well as electrical and thermal conductivity.

Offshore Direct Metals, ranked among the best aluminum die casting suppliers, is dedicated to your satisfaction. With a broad reach, we can get you whatever you need at an affordable price and within a timely manner. We promise that we will deliver to you a precision die casting, regardless of your industry or application.

We understand that the success of your project depends on the quality of aluminum die casting that we provide. For that reason, we only partner with the most technologically advanced suppliers, those with experience and expertise in providing material that yields high quality and innovative results. Contact us today so that we can get started filling your order.

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Aluminum Extrusions

We can consult with you and help design a custom Aluminum extrusion to your exact needs. Not only are our Aluminum extrusions top quality, they will allow you to reduce the cost of your supply.

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Aluminum Circles

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Aluminum Castings

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Aluminum Billet and Ingots

We are proud to present our customers with significant reductions in the cost of their supply.During tough times, maximizing the use of every dollar becomes paramount to everyone in business.

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Plastic Extrusions

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