6 Applications for Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: Admin | Date: 14-05-2021

Today, many building and construction materials rely on custom aluminum extrusions to fulfill design specifications. These fully customized extrusions are manufactured by “force-feeding” molten aluminum alloys through a custom die to produce very specific cross-sectional profiles.

While the manufacturing process is quite technically advanced, extruding aluminum is much like squeezing regular toothpaste out of the tube. At Offshore Direct Metals, we offer an unlimited range of custom aluminum extrusions to architects, designers, engineers, and builders alike.

As one of the leading aluminum extrusion suppliers, Offshore Direct Metals provides custom extrusions in limitless shapes, angles, and channels. In recent years, we’re finding more and more end-user customers who are appreciating the benefits and advantages of our quality extrusions.

At OD Metals, our in-house team is highly specialized, so we are able to take the guesswork out of ordering aluminum extrusion products. Even more, we manage everything from start to finish, so our customers have very little to worry about as they out-source their building material needs.

Applications for Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions are highly versatile. With the most advanced manufacturing processes, Offshore Direct Metals fabricates parts and products for a variety of different industries. In fact, there is no limit to the industrial applications as new industries realize the vast potential of these products at an increasing rate.


For the aerospace industry, aluminum extrusions offer a high strength-to-weight ratio. The material is suitable in low temperatures and requires minimal maintenance. These extrusions are also ideal as component parts in a variety of devices and equipment. Aluminum extrusions are commonly found in aircraft, spacecraft, military applications, and field hospitals.


In building construction, aluminum extrusions serve a great many functions. They provide the structural support required in both normal and extreme conditions. They markedly improve the functional and aesthetic qualities of a building. Just by example, many design specifications now include aluminum extrusions for the purpose of improving energy efficiencies.


Aluminum has always been used in electronic components and devices. The material is easily formable, has excellent electrical conductivity, and offers non-magnetic properties. Aluminum extrusions are commonly found in products across the board, including cell phones, laptops, computers, chassis, housings, motors, and even in power distribution systems.


Aluminum is ideal for manufacturing medical equipment and medical components. Applications range from hospital beds to testing devices to diagnostic equipment. The significant benefit is that aluminum extrusions can be designed and fabricated to meet tight tolerance specifications. And this allows products, devices, and equipment to meet strict industry standards.


The very high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum extrusions means that they are exceptionally sturdy without being significantly heavy. Because of this quality, aluminum extrusions are highly formable. As a result they can accommodate a wide variety of intricate designs. All of these qualities make aluminum very suitable for sports and recreational products like bicycle frames, skateboards, recreational boats, and much more.


Aluminum metals and aluminum alloys are integral to hardware and infrastructure throughout the communications industry. The metal is super-light-weight, thus reducing both transportation and installation costs. While product applications are wide-ranging, some of the more common applications in the communications industry include satellite parts and cables.

Working with the Experts at Offshore Direct Metals 

Working with a reputable extrusion supplier is key to business success. OD Metals is known as one of the leading aluminum extrusion suppliers. We are recognized for our quality products, competitive pricing, and prompt deliveries. We service a wide range of industries worldwide.

OD Metals provides clients with maximum manufacturing flexibility, a primary expectation from designers, architects, and engineers alike. In short, we deliver finished products that outperform competitor suppliers, and it’s particularly true for customers who deal with larger quantities.

With Offshore Direct Metals, customers can take advantage of effective floor-to-door logistics. This is a cost-efficient shipping approach that significantly reduces overhead costs and thus benefits the bottom line. We also offer a stock-and-release program that includes warehousing.

Aluminum Extrusions from the Team at OD Metals

OD Metals operates a “supply and demand” model that allows our end-user customers to reduce their overhead costs and improve their gross profit at the same time. Our innovative approach to product sourcing contributes significantly to our customers’ business growth throughout the year.

As for customer service, our aim is to consistently reinforce our existing business relationships while creating partnerships for the long term. We are one of the primary aluminum extrusion suppliers and are always focused on satisfying the unique product specifications of customers.

At OD Metals, our aluminum products provide manufacturing flexibility that’s unattainable with other more conventional manufacturing methodologies. That’s precisely how we're able to satisfy some of the very demanding needs of engineers, architects, and designers around the world.

Working with OD Metals, you'll discover a whole new world of aluminum products, with a range of manufacturing options that are practical, viable, and cost-effective at the same time.

To learn more about Offshore Direct Metals and inquire about our wide range of custom products, contact one of our in-house aluminum specialists directly at 1-855-272-3889 or send us a message online. Our team will quickly help you assess your specific needs and options.

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