4 Most Popular Industries for Plastic Extrusion Suppliers

Posted By: Admin | Date: 11-07-2017

Although plastic extrusion suppliers deal with multiple industries, they tend to work most with four specific ones. For these sectors, suppliers often maintain an inventory of standard plastic extrusion products. However, because of their relationship with plastic extrusion companies that manufacture superior parts and components, suppliers can also meet the demands of customers who need something customized.

For both standard and custom extruded plastic profiles, the four industries mentioned below rely on reputable suppliers.

Plastic Extrusion Suppliers

  • 1. Automotive - Manufacturers produce a host of products for the automotive industry by using the extruded process that consists of forcing melted plastic through a shaped die designed with a cross section. As an example, windshield wipers and trim are both made using extruded plastic profiles. Another example is the weather stripping that goes around car windows, which creates a tight seal to prevent wind, rain, and snow from getting inside. Car seats are also the result of extruded plastic, including stiffeners that keep the seats in their upright position.

  • 2. Construction – Construction is another one of the top industries that rely heavily on extruded components made of plastic. These components include plastic rain gutters, vinyl siding, PVC water and sewer pipes, decking, fencing, and a host of structural pieces associated with building homes and businesses.

  • 3. Medical – The medical sector also uses extruded plastic components for various things, including the tubing used to transport oxygen for patients in intensive care.

  • 4. Food and Beverage – Most people are unaware that many of the things they use daily are made using the extruded process. Some examples of these include plastic drinking straws, jars, and bottles.


Without plastic extrusion products, people would not benefit from things like blister packaging associated with over-the-counter medication and insulation on electrical wiring. The extruded process is responsible for literally thousands of products used by homeowners, business owners, manufacturers, and more. Through this unique process, it is possible to make all types of plastic products.

Regardless if you work in one of these four industries or another one that depends on extruded products, it is imperative for you to work with a reputable and trusted supplier. That way, you have the assurance needed that the part or component will be of the highest quality.

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