5 Factors That Affect The Quality of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: | Date: 10-02-2022

Custom aluminum extrusions have become an integral building material for countless industry sectors. The beauty, of course, is that the extrusion forming process allows for unlimited options and possibilities when designing a finished product. Beyond the tooling and fabrication of aluminum extrusions, a high-quality product must be the end result. Which is why aluminum extrusion suppliers like Offshore Direct Metals focus on the highest industry standards and a top-quality product.

Designers from a wide range of industries have discovered the numerous benefits of aluminum extrusions. When compared with other options, the production is cost-effective, the tooling is super-flexible, and the overall process is efficient.

Factors That Influence the Quality of the End Product 

custom aluminum extrusion suppliersFrom the custom die to the finishing touches, custom aluminum extrusions must adhere to the highest standards of manufacturing. This is the only way to ensure a finished product that is of the highest quality. For aluminum extrusion suppliers like OD Metals, quality control measures influence the entire extrusion process. This allows for each customer’s design specifications and requirements to be accommodated.

Specializing in aluminum extrusions, Offshore Direct Metals works with the best injection molding manufacturers around the world. Our aim is to ensure that every one of our customers receives a superior product.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Die Design

To guarantee the highest quality end product, extrusion dies must adhere to the most exacting specifications that customers define. There is no room for error when designers and engineers specify their requirements. As such, Offshore Direct Metals delivers quality extrusions that are fabricated by the most reputable injection molding manufacturers. We select and source dies that allow us to produce custom aluminum extrusions that will perform in the specific applications. 

Aluminum Billet Quality

In the extrusion process, an aluminum billet is semi-finished. It must be heated appropriately, and the heat treatment must be precise and standardized. In this way, quality is ensured as the billet is “pushed” through the extrusion die. With dynamics like friction, quality control during the heat treatment is primary to providing a superior manufacturing process. As one of the most reliable aluminum extrusion suppliers, we process aluminum billets with care and precision. 

Temperature Control

Both temperature control and extrusion speed have an important impact on the entire extrusion process. The key to a quality finished product is the consistency of temperature and speed, both of which must be consistently maintained from end to end during the extrusion process. In short, it’s the delicate balance between speed and temperature that’s essential. During production of aluminum extrusions, we manage stay on top of the temperature for a successful result. 

Quality of Material

Aluminum extrusions benefit from a high degree of ductility – the capacity to be permanently stretched, bent, or curved. As the aluminum raw material is “force-fed” through a customized die, it’s the ductility that will allow for the finished form and shape. Whatever the application for the finished product, precision and accuracy is integral during fabrication.

Mechanical Finish

Extruded aluminum can be customized with various finishes, all depending on the final product application. Whether it’s decorative, protective or functional, the finish can be applied according to the customer’s specifications. Aluminum extrusions can be painted, polished, or even sanded in order to improve the surface or prepare for other cosmetic finishes.

Choosing an Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

Choosing an aluminum extrusion supplier is integral to achieving long-term objectives. Offshore Direct Metals is internationally recognized for high-quality products, on-time deliveries, and competitive industry pricing. Even more, OD Metals services a vast range of industries, from construction to electronics to aviation to automotive.

At OD Metals, our custom aluminum extrusions satisfy demanding client specifications while offering complete manufacturing flexibility. With our client base, we accommodate the needs of leading designers, architects, and engineers from coast to coast. As such, we deliver quality extrusion products that outperform other options. Working with the experts at Offshore Direct Metals, customers from a wide range of industries benefit from a Floor-to-Door logistics model – one of the more cost-effective approaches to shipping and delivery. For customers who require it, we can deliver huge quantities of product along with global logistics to ensure fast shipping.

For some customers, our Stock-and-Release program is an ideal option, as it incorporates a warehousing component in addition to logistics. We work with the top-tier aluminum extrusion manufacturers around the world – we subscribe to the highest ASTM Standards – and we prefer to work with companies who are ISO Certified.

Customer Satisfaction Remains our Focus 

Offshore Direct Metals goes well beyond quality extrusion products and just-in-time delivery. As one of the leading aluminum extrusion suppliers in the country, we provide highly personalized customer service that is unmatched in the aluminum extrusion industry. We can accommodate customers with very demanding manufacturing requirements, the team at OD Metals continues to build the most reliable and reputable business partnerships to ensure high quality products. Our customers can rest assured that our mill partners offer the latest in extrusion presses, oxidation production lines, and electrophoresis systems. Importantly, our partner mills have the capacity to deliver unlimited options for custom extrusion profiles.

At OD Metals, our product expertise, logistics experience, and global network is a proven recipe. And while our focus is always on maximizing customer service, our further aim is to reduce our customers’ supply cost and increase their gross profit.

Contact OD Metals today to order your custom aluminum extrusions.

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