5 Major Advantages to Using Plastic Injection Molding for the Manufacturing of Parts

Posted By: Admin | Date: 12-11-2019

Plastic Injection Molding is a versatile process for producing plastic components and has many advantages for OEMs across different industries. In plastic injection molding, material is mixed and then led into the cavity of the mold, where it hardens and takes the desired shape to form the final product. This process highly reliable, affordable and consistent, in order to produce high-quality plastic parts. Here are the top 5 major benefits of plastic injection molding for you to analyze:

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Ability to Produce Detailed and Complex Geometry:

Plastic Injection Molding has the ability to handle extremely detailed, uniform and complex parts, with the right tools, key design elements and scientific molding approach. It can not produce millions of virtually identical parts but also, performs consistently and with high-precision.

Strength and Stability:

In the plastic injection molding process, filters are used to reduce the density of plastic that adds strength and stability to the molded part. In recent years, the lightweight thermoplastics can also endure even the roughest environments. A proper balance of design considerations and material selection, based on requirements of the end product, helps address the need for strength and stability.


From clear to blue or whatever color you need your plastic to be - even multiple colors in one product can be produced by the plastic injection molding process, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, it has the ability to simultaneously use different types of plastics, with the help if co-injection molding.

Low Manufacturing Cost:

Injection molding self-gated process that is completely automated by machines, and controlled by a sole mold technician, requiring minimum supervision. Moreover, the ability to produce plastic parts at a very high level with an equally high output rate helps in low manufacturing costs and high efficiency.

High Efficiency:

Due to the high production output rate, cost-effectiveness, and speed, plastic injection molding is known as the most efficient form of molding. In this process, due to the short period between cycles, high quality of molds can be products within a limited time frame, thereby generating great profit margins.

Bottom line:

In order to benefit from the above-listed advantages of plastic injection molding, it’s important for manufacturers to seek superior-quality plastic products from suppliers such as OD Metals, that provides a full-service inspection that includes capabilities studies, gauge R&R's and 100%-part inspection.

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