5 Reasons to Customize Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: | Date: 14-09-2021

Standard (or stock) aluminum extrusions simply don’t completely satisfy the needs of every industry or every application. On the other hand, with custom aluminum extrusions, it’s possible to fully customize a finished product and meet the strictest specifications.

Custom aluminum extrusions enable designers and engineers to create the products, tools, and materials that will satisfy specific requirements while providing maximum long-term performance. The key, of course, is to ensure the usage of high-quality products.

OD Metals is one of the nation’s leading aluminum extrusion suppliers, servicing a wide range of industries and often dealing with very demanding customers. We source, fabricate, and ship all of our aluminum extrusion products to customers right around the world.

When it comes to aluminum extrusion suppliers, the important thing for customers is to choose a company that focuses on quality and precision. In addition, there should be a built-in capacity to deliver the finished goods worldwide and with streamlined logistics.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

custom aluminum extrusions supplierThe big benefit of customized extrusions is the capacity to satisfy precise product specifications that are defined by each customer. Architects, for example, may need a product that satisfies a specific industry standard. Likewise, in the fishing industry, there may be a need for a unique, non-standard shape. And finally, in the auto industry, aluminum parts require temperature stability and corrosion resistance. Whatever the industry, whatever the need, customized extrusions from Offshore Direct Metals will do the job.


Products made of aluminum are non-magnetic and are excellent conductors of electricity and heat. As for aluminum extrusion products, the finished extrusions are strong and durable, making them ideal for a vast range of industry applications. And because aluminum itself is anti-corrosive, the finished product is an excellent choice for any outdoor application (much better than traditional steel).

High Precision

One definite advantage of aluminum when compared to other products is its capacity for "close tolerance." In fact, a good extrusion supplier can create all types of complex shapes and sizes using sophisticated methodologies. For some customers, high precision components are essential, and custom aluminum extrusions can accommodate those prerequisites (with shape and size and finish to suit).

Finish Options

While aluminum extrusion suppliers can create any shape, size, or configuration, additional customization is possible when it comes to finishing options. Indeed, custom coating solutions are practically limitless and relatively easy to incorporate right at the fabrication stage. Possible coatings and finishes may include traditional painting, powder coating, and anodizing (which enhances and protects the finished surface. Contact OD Metals directly to learn about all of our finish options.


Whatever the operating budget, aluminum extrusions can provide the most cost-effective solutions compared to other material fabrications. Aluminum is particularly cost-effective because it’s an easy material to work with, therefore reducing the cost of tooling dramatically. As well, labor costs are less with aluminum, especially considering the extremely high cost of some production processes.

A “Green” Metal

Not to be understated, aluminum is a metal that can be recycled infinitely without any degradation in its physical properties. For end-users who are prepared to use recycled aluminum (as an extrusion feedstock), the carbon footprint of the extruded parts is significantly reduced. The truth is, recycled aluminum requires less than 10% of the energy compared to producing primary aluminum.

Choosing to Work With OD Metals 

As one of the leading aluminum extrusion suppliers in the world, Offshore Direct Metals (OD Metals) specializes in a wide range of custom aluminum products. We source aluminum products from reliable suppliers across the globe and are able to ship those products directly to each customer.

With Floor-to-Door logistics, our customers take advantage of a shipping and delivery system that can dramatically reduce overhead while improving the bottom line. At the same time, when customers require, we can also provide our Stock-and-Release program (which would include warehousing).

For many years now, OD Metals has been building business relationships with the very best global suppliers of aluminum. Our overriding objective is to provide the highest quality products and ensure that we satisfy the strictest international standards. It’s what our customers expect and demand.

At Offshore Direct Metals, we only purchase materials from suppliers who meet recognized ASTM Standards. In this way, we can assure our customers that those international technical standards are satisfied for everything we source. As well, we prefer ISO certification with supplier companies.

Offshore Direct Metals Aluminum Plates, Ingots, and Sheets

In addition to aluminum extrusions, OD Metals also supplies aluminum plates, ingots and sheets. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products at the best possible price. Working with some of the best producers and suppliers globally, our product mix also includes plate circles and castings.

In satisfying our wide range of industry clients, it’s our product experience and logistics expertise that sets us apart from the competition. We have established a trusted and reliable network of partners and a super-efficient worldwide platform to ensure speedy shipping and competitive pricing.

With a highly sophisticated supply and demand model, OD Metals delivers high-quality products, reduces overhead costs, and increases gross profit. We help our customers to effectively grow their business with improved product sourcing and personalized one-on-one customer service.

Contact OD Metals today to order custom aluminum extrusions fit to your needs.

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