5 Types of Finishes To Enhance Your Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: Admin | Date: 19-03-2021

There are countless reasons to customize aluminum extrusions for a construction project. For a start, aluminum is a relatively low-cost material. It’s versatile; it’s lightweight and strong; it’s non-corrosive; and environmentally friendly. Best of all, it can accept a wide range of high-performance finishes.

In choosing a finishing option for aluminum extrusions, there are two primary considerations. One consideration is corrosion resistance, and in extreme environments, aluminum may need extra protection. The other consideration is aesthetic appearance, and here the finishing options are quite varied.

When dealing with aluminum products, the most crucial element is to work with one of the more established aluminum extrusion suppliers. This will ensure the highest quality products, the most reliable shipping and delivery, and customer service to navigate all the distinctive ins and outs.

Options for Finishing Aluminum Extrusions

Depending on the application and the finished look, there are several options for finishing aluminum. In some cases, a bright-coloured look may be the specification. In other cases, a more protective coating may be required. Whatever it is, extruded aluminum offers the options to suit the needs.

1. Mechanical Finish

Extruded aluminum can be polished, sanded, or grinded in preparation for the final finish. These finishing options are designed to improve the surface quality and/or prepare the surface for cosmetic finishes.

2. Pretreating Options

When required, the aluminum is etched or cleaned with a special compound, after which a pretreatment coating is applied. The coating enhances adhesion properties while providing corrosion resistance.

3. Bright Dipping

Bright dipping uses unique compounds to give aluminum a “mirror” finish. Extruded aluminum profiles can then be anodized to thicken the aluminum oxide layer (this provides extra corrosion-resistance).

4. Liquid Painting

Paint coatings come in countless colours and provide a uniform finish to aluminum extrusion. While liquid coatings typically contain VOCs, these dissipate during the baking stage of the process. 

5. Powder Coating

Powder coatings provide a “film” that satisfies specific performance criteria (without containing VOCs). Powder coatings are applied as a solid and go through an "oven process" where solid particles fuse.

Today, custom aluminum extrusions can be a viable component of every construction project. By choosing a custom finish, designers and engineers can ensure the most suitable aesthetic appearance while providing the best corrosion-resistance. Even environmental concerns can be appropriately satisfied.

A Quality Approach from Offshore Direct Metals

As one of the most reputable aluminum extrusion suppliers, Offshore Direct Metals works directly with a range of reliable suppliers worldwide. We source the highest quality aluminum products and ship them to our customers at the best possible price. Besides providing custom aluminum extrusions, we also specialize in aluminum plates, aluminum ingots, and aluminum sheets.

At Offshore Direct Metals, in-house aluminum experts go to the limit in satisfying customer needs. We also take extra steps to satisfy customers who require exacting specifications and/or high demand requirements. With our “supply and demand” business model, we're helping our customers to reduce their overhead costs, enhance their gross profit margins, and grow their business.

OD Metals Services Customers from End to End

OD Metals provides personalized customer service unequalled in the industry in addition to quality aluminum products and just-in-time shipping. We have well-established relationships with the leading extrusion mills in Asia and can satisfy even the most demanding of customer needs.

Our international partner suppliers are leaders around the world. They offer highly advanced extrusion processes, state-of-the-art oxidation production, and sophisticated electrophoresis systems. Our mills can deliver unlimited custom extrusion profiles that meet the ever-growing need of our customers.

At Offshore Direct Metals, our people combine their product knowledge and logistics expertise to meet customers’ needs around the world. Over the years, we've built a consistent network of international suppliers and partners who meet our high standards. As such, we offer the most competitive prices.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions From The Professionals at Offshore Direct Metals

At OD Metals, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art manufacturing and our capacity to ship hundreds of tons of aluminum products. Our size and range allow us to outperform our competitors when it comes to regarding and a highly trusted source of many aluminum products. Learn more about all of our products by calling us at 1-855-272-3889 directly or visiting our company website at https://odmetals.com.

One of our experienced product specialists will help you assess your needs and provide a viable, cost-effective solution to make the dollar investment worthwhile.


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