Advantages of Using Aluminum Circles in Industry

Posted By: | Date: 08-02-2017

Aluminum circle production has skyrocketed in popularity. Using aluminum circles, a variety of end products are manufactured, including cookware and cooking utensils, lighting and lighting equipment, satellite dishes, automotive wheel rims, pontoon boats, fuel tanks, and more. Circles of aluminum are different from aluminum billets, which are chunks of aluminum shaved off to create precision parts.

The diameter and thickness of an aluminum circle is determined by the type of product that your company manufactures. For example, if your company makes satellite dishes used for television viewing, large aluminum circles are required, whereas for cookware, you would likely use much smaller circles.

Regardless, it is essential that you research top-rated aluminum circles suppliers. This ensures that you get the right aluminum circles to coordinate with the product or products that your company manufactures. In addition to more traditional aluminum circles with a natural finish, you can choose pre-painted circles designed for high resistance and the durability required for non-stick consumer products.

Aluminum Circle Production

Some of the advantages in choosing an aluminum circle include:

  • Easier to Work With – Although billets come in different sizes, for certain products, aluminum circles are easier to work with.

  • Wide Range of Grades - With aluminum circle production, it helps to have a choice of different grades. Fortunately, reputable aluminum circle suppliers like Offshore Direct Metals offer aluminum alloy in grades 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3002, 3003, 3004, 5052, 5052A, 5574, and 6061. This allows you to select the exact grade required for the products that you manufacture.

  • Unique Surfaces – Top aluminum circle suppliers offer a variety of surfaces, including spinning and polished, bright and anodized, and deep drawing.

  • Thickness and Diameter Options – Having options for thickness and diameter is another benefit of aluminum circles. Look for aluminum circles suppliers that offer a range of thickness from 0.012 inches to 0.15 inches, as well as diameters ranging between 3.94 inches and 38.5 inches.


When researching companies specific to aluminum circle production, make sure their products meet strict ASTM standards. By making a well-informed decision, you have the opportunity to produce high-quality products for your customers. This helps bolster your business and build your brand, as well as your customers, while ensuring product end-users’ satisfaction.

At Offshore Direct Metals, we have a full line of aluminum circles for sale. To learn more about our aluminum circles and other available products, please visit our website. If preferred, you can contact us by phone to speak to a team expert.

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