Aluminum Coil: An Environmental-Friendly Industrial Material

Posted By: | Date: 14-02-2017

Manufacturers that deal with aluminum coil production know the value this material offers. If you are interested in aluminum coils, it is important that you identify top aluminum coil suppliers. This ensures a high-quality material at a competitive price.

Aluminum coils are not only an exceptional material for industrial applications; they are also environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, many materials used for industrial purposes are not safe for the environment, so aluminum coils are a nice change. The reason is that aluminum is a recyclable material. In fact, this is one of only a few industrial materials that can be recycled multiple times over.

Aluminum coil stock suppliers provide this material to a large number of industries and for various applications, with condensers and evaporators being prime examples. For manufacturing condenser and evaporator coils, copper has long been the traditional choice due to its heat transfer rate, pliability, and cost. However, aluminum coils offer the same advantages.

Aluminum Coil Suppliers

The biggest issue with copper is its high price. In recent years, the cost of copper has skyrocketed. This makes copper an unrealistic choice in many situations. The high cost has also caused crime to rise as people steal this material from homes and businesses. By comparison, aluminum coils for sale are a more cost-efficient and safer solution.

Another cost-saving advantage of choosing aluminum coils is that because this material is roughly 50 percent lighter in weight compared to copper and steel, you would pay significantly lower shipping costs. Because of the increasing cost of copper, manufacturers have resorted to using thinner amounts. This means when products such as evaporators and condensers operate at the same high levels as they did with thicker copper, there is a tremendous risk of a leak developing.

One concern that some people share pertaining to aluminum coils is that typically this material is corrosive. However, reputable aluminum coil suppliers now add protective oxide as a surface layer. The anodizing process makes aluminum coils highly resistant to corrosion. Therefore, these coils can be used in high-demand areas and still withstand harsh elements.

By choosing aluminum coils, you will enjoy a number of benefits over copper. When it comes to aluminum coil suppliers, Offshore Direct Metals is considered an industry leader. We are proud of the products and services that we offer our customers and are here to answer your questions or assist in any way possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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