Benefits of Aluminum Coil

Posted By: | Date: 04-04-2015

Virtually every industry uses aluminum in one aspect of another. The professional team at Offshore Direct Metals provides different services according to customer need. As part of this, different forms of aluminum are used to include aluminum coil, circles, billets, ingots, and more.

In addition to designing, fabricating, powder coating, and anodizing, as well as other finishes, the company works closely with reputable suppliers from around the world to purchase high quality aluminum but for a better price. As a result, customers receive outstanding products while spending less. Although other materials are used within the electronics, automotive, furniture, aircraft, and other industries, aluminum is by far one of the most beneficial.

When it comes to extrusions, aluminum coil and other forms offer distinct advantageous.

  • Lightweight – One huge advantage of using aluminum is that it is lightweight. Compared to brass, copper, steel, and iron, aluminum weights roughly one-third less. Because of this, extrusions are more cost-efficient, easier to handle, and ultimately, more attractive.
  • Strong – Products made from aluminum coil are also extremely strong. Even though this material is lightweight, it can withstand a lot of force for most applications. Based on the process of extrusion, it is possible to make the strength of aluminum coil concentrated. As an example, the thickness of walls can be adjusted and within the profile design internal reinforcement can be applied. Although aluminum coil works great for multiple products, it is superior for cold weather applications since the colder the temperature the stronger it becomes.
  • Resilient – Aluminum coil is also a highly resilient material. The unique combination of flexibility and strength allows this material to spring back from impact and flex under heavy loads. This is the primary reason that extruded components from aluminum coil are used in systems for automotive crash management.
  • Corrosion Resistant – Products extruded with aluminum coil are also resistant to corrosion. These products will never rust and because of a naturally occurring oxide file, the surface is protected.
  • Electrical Conductor – When looking at aluminum coil on a pound-for-pound bases, it is 50% more conductive than copper. Because of this, making an extrusion is a more affordable option used for electrical connectors.
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