Challenges in Finding Plastic Extrusion Suppliers

Posted By: Admin | Date: 16-11-2018

Considering the vast number of industries that use plastic, you would never expect to face challenges when trying to find reputable plastic extrusion suppliers, It has become increasingly difficult to identify not only top suppliers but also plastic extrusion manufacturers. Below are some of the obstacles that make it tough to find trusted plastic extrusion companies.

Plastic Extrusion Suppliers


  1. Fake Polymers – Sadly, criminals have introduced counterfeit polymers. Although authorities are getting things back on track, subpar material hit some plastic extrusion manufacturers hard from 2014 to 2016. Because of phony plastic, finding quality manufacturing companies and suppliers became difficult. Although there is still work to do, government officials have strengthened the supply chain, especially for companies doing business with material suppliers overseas. However, it will take several more years to bring the number of resources back where it should be.
  2. Contamination – Over the past few years, groups working to clean up the planet informed the public as to the devastation plastic has on the environment. Because of that, many customers have turned to a different material for extruded parts and components, mainly aluminum. Recognizing the challenge, top manufacturers of plastic extruded products began recycling and reprocessing. Although a growing number of plastic extrusion companies adopted eco-friendly processes, it will take some time before things turn around completely. The good news is that with the appropriate changes, experts predict the global plastics market will reach beyond $650 billion by the end of 2020.
  3. Fierce Competition – Because there is still an incredible demand for superior-quality plastic extruded parts and components, the best manufacturers and suppliers face fierce competition. As a result, many of the smaller resources could no longer keep up. While this reduced the available sources, those that remain are the best of the best. Although you might need to spend time identifying the top-rated sources, those you find will likely exceed your expectations.

Just remember that even with many excellent plastic extrusion companies in existence, it is essential that you perform due diligence when making your selection. Always choose a company with years of experience fabricating the type of product that you need. In addition to superior extruded parts and components made from plastic, you want to select a company that keeps its prices affordable.

Outstanding Products

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