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Posted By: | Date: 24-05-2023

Used in a variety of applications, from aerospace, aircraft production, and packaging, to siding, gutters, and other roofing or construction applications, aluminum sheets are versatile materials that offer many benefits when in use. Selecting the perfect aluminum sheet finish, depends on the needs of your specific project. With three popular options available: brushed, diamond, and embossed, most aluminum sheet suppliers will guide you through the benefits as they pertain to the unique aesthetic and functional characteristics of each option, so you can make a decision that enhances the visual appeal and performance of your application. OD Metals, a leading aluminum sheet supplier in North America offers custom aluminum component solutions so you can maximize your projects and production. 

Read on to learn more about how to choose the best finish for your aluminum sheets.

Brushed Aluminum Sheet Finish

aluminum sheet suppliersMechanical brushing creates the appearance of fine lines on the surface of the aluminum sheet, offering a sleek, sophisticated look. The brushed finish hides the appearances of blemishes or imperfections with use like scratches or fingerprints, which allows your aluminum sheet product to perform and look better for longer in high-traffic areas or in high-touchpoint applications. The slight texture of the brushed lines make this aluminum sheet finish favored in spaces and products that require slip resistance. 

Diamond Aluminum Sheet Finish

This finish is also known as a checker or tread plate, and gets its name from the raised diamond pattern embedded in the surface of the aluminum sheet. While its visual appeal is one reason it is chosen, its main benefit is its exceptional traction and slip resistance. Where safety is a priority, the diamond finish effectively disperses liquids and other debris that may fall or come into contact with the surface, enhancing safety. The diamond finish also adds durability, strength and longevity to the sheet, making it popular for ramps, industrial floors, stairs, and walkways. To determine if this is the right option for your product or application, talk to the experts at Offshore Direct Metal. 

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Finish

Common;y used for architectural accents, automotive applications, interior design, and signage, embossed aluminum sheets have a textured surface created through a rolling process where aluminum sheet suppliers imprint your custom designs onto the metal. This finish offers virtually unlimited possibilities, allowing you to choose from a wide range of patterns, including stucco, hammered, or leather grain textures. The embossed finish not only enhances the visual appeal of the aluminum but also provides added strength and durability. 

Choosing Your Aluminum Sheets with OD Metal

When you're choosing the best finish for your aluminum sheets with the leading suppliers at OD Metals, consider the most important factors: aesthetics, functionality, durability, and maintenance. The right choice will offer you all of these elements as they pertain to your specific industry or application needs. To get started on your order, talk to our team directly.

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