Choosing the Right Aluminum Billet Supplier

Posted By: Admin | Date: 17-02-2017

Because the parts that you produce for your customers depend on the quality of your aluminum billets, it is imperative that you choose the right supplier. To make parts from an aluminum billet, excess material is removed. Ultimately. the part is carved out of the billet material according to your customer’s specifications.

Unfortunately, not all aluminum billets suppliers are the same. Therefore, you need to look for specific things to ensure that you make the right choice. With the following tips, you will find it much easier to identify the right billet supplier.

Aluminum coil stock suppliers provide this material to a large number of industries and for various applications, with condensers and evaporators being prime examples. For manufacturing condenser and evaporator coils, copper has long been the traditional choice due to its heat transfer rate, pliability, and cost. However, aluminum coils offer the same advantages.

Aluminum Billets

  • Experience – Any aluminum billet suppliers being considered must have solid industry experience. Look for companies that have a history of supplying only the highest-quality material, those that people trust and rely on. The best way to get information is by conducting research online. This includes reading forums and news groups, but also looking at the companies’ websites and even going through social media platforms to see what their customers are saying.

  • Material Quality - For you to produce superior precision parts, an aluminum billet must be of exceptional quality. Since there are different grades of aluminum, you need to know which grade is best for the part that you make. If your company manufactures AR-15 parts, 6061 and 7075 grades are the most commonly used. These numbers represent the temper placed on the aluminum, which equates to how the metal is heat-treated to give it unique properties other than what is in the base alloy. As a more rugged grade, 7075 is typically the better choice for this type of part. Remember, the finished part is only as good as the quality of the billet material.

  • Reliability – To meet your production deadlines, look for a billet supplier that guarantees consistent availability and/or delivery. This prevents jobs from being rushed, which increases the risk of making mistakes. Only consider a billet supplier that reliably meets or exceeds promises made.


There are several benefits of choosing aluminum billets from a reputable supplier. When manufacturing a low quantity of parts, you will enjoy competitive pricing that saves you money but without compromising on quality. This provides reassurance that you can make parts of the highest degree of precision and strength for your customers.

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