Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: Admin | Date: 11-05-2020

Product manufacturers are always promoting and marketing their goods – and consumers are typically on the receiving end. It’s no different with aluminum extrusion suppliers as they try to communicate the benefits of their custom aluminum extrusion products.

For aluminum extrusion suppliers, it’s important to educate prospective customers about the advantages of their custom aluminum extrusion products. The fact is, there’s a responsibility to educate and inform consumers about the scope of product applications.

Friendly to the Environment

Custom aluminum extrusion products are considered environmentally friendly when it comes to energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gasses. As well, aluminum can be recycled over and over again, without losing any physical properties. Unlike mining and processing virgin aluminum, the recycling process requires a fraction of the energy. That includes everything from melting down, to creating billets, to fabricating either standard or custom aluminum extrusions.

Cost-effective Manufacturing

For projects operating within a tight budget, aluminum can accommodate those constraints. The product is cost-effective, mainly because it’s easy to work with, thus reducing the cost of tooling significantly. Also reduced are labor costs, which can be on the high side with some production processes. When required, custom coating solutions are easy to incorporate at the fabrication stage, including painting, powder coating, and anodizing (all to enhance and protect the finish).

High Precision Capabilities

One advantage of aluminum over other comparable products is the capacity for “close tolerance”. This is where aluminum extrusion suppliers excel – they can create complex shapes and sizes by using sophisticated extrusion tools and equipment. It’s absolutely no problem to manufacture precise specifications and fully customized finished materials. Some customers rely heavily on high precision components, and aluminum has the capability to accommodate those requisites.

Versatile Design Capacity

A good aluminum fabrication shop can design and engineer virtually any custom extrusion that a customer demands. In that way, customers can request any shape or size, and any specification to satisfy unique needs. Best of all, additional customization is also possible, in order to enhance the look and feel of a finished product. Today, many professionals are making use of custom profiles to create imaginative and innovative products, parts, and equipment – and without limitations.

Performance Application

Projects that require specific performance applications can benefit greatly from aluminum. It’s a satisfactory conductor of electricity – it’s non-magnetic – it’s a good conductor of heat – and it won’t combust. As for custom aluminum extrusions, the finished products are both strong and durable, which opens up a host of applications. Finally, aluminum is anti-corrosive, which makes it an excellent option for outdoor applications (a much better option than traditional steels).

OD Metals – Specialists in Aluminum Extrusions

Offshore Direct Metals (OD Metals) is a global company highly specialized in custom aluminum extrusions. We source products for our customers from around the world and subsequently ship the products from the factory floor directly to our customers.

We employ Floor-to-Door logistics to dramatically reduce overhead costs. It allows us to pass significant savings to customers. However, when customers request, we are also able to provide a specialized Stock-and-Release program (with warehousing).

Over the years, OD Metals has built meaningful relationships with the best global suppliers of aluminum extrusions. We make every effort to provide the highest quality aluminum products on the market and ensure the highest international standards.

Our company policy is to purchase only from suppliers that adhere to ASTM Standards. That way we ensure internationally recognized technical standards for the products we source. In addition, we prefer ISO certification with companies that we engage.

At OD Metals, we consider ourselves to be industry leaders. We have the product expertise and international logistics experience to meet our customers’ demands. And with our global network of suppliers, we satisfy even the most demanding customers.

OD Metals – aluminum plates, ingots, and sheets

Offshore Direct Metals is also a leading supplier of aluminum plate, ingot, and sheets. Our main objective is to provide our customers with the best quality products at the best price. As injection molding suppliers, we work with the best manufacturers in the world. As such, we specialize in much more than just aluminum extrusions, including plate circles, castings, and CNC machining.

When it comes to satisfying our customers, our product expertise and logistics experience take us around the world. We have a trusted and reliable network of supply partners, and we make every effort to meet our customers’ strict manufacturing specifications. More than that, our super-efficient global platform ensures speedy shipping and very competitive industry pricing.

For All of Your Aluminum Needs Count on Offshore Direct Metals  

Because of our sophisticated supply and demand model, OD Metals is able to measurably reduce costs and thus increase gross profits for our customers. For many years now, we’ve been able to help our customers grow their business with much-improved sourcing and personal service.

Find out more about our products and services by calling 1-855-272-3889 or visiting our website at Let us know if you’re ready to reduce your cost of supply and increase your gross profit – we can help you achieve those goals.

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