How To Design Less Complex, Lower Cost Parts With Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: Admin | Date: 15-07-2020

In the world of manufacturing parts, it’s vital for the bottom line to find the most cost-effective solutions, while providing customers (and end-users) with the highest quality products possible.

Today, for a range of industrial applications, the answer may be a custom aluminum extrusion – an option that accommodates both cost-effectiveness and high quality in the finished product.

Worldwide, aluminum is considered to be the best overall metal for extrusion. This is because of the inherent properties of the aluminum metal and the many advantages and benefits derived.

The Cost Benefits of Choosing a Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design using the latest CAD and Imaging softwareArchitects and engineers considering custom aluminum extrusions in Florida will realize the cost savings that are often overlooked by other professionals. The truth is, extruded aluminum allows for the production of complex profiles while saving money on production and product lifecycle.

Relying on traditional fabrication methods can be limiting.  But by thinking “outside of the box” extruded aluminum becomes a viable option. Aluminum is in a class of its own – providing high strength-to-weight ratio, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance (amongst the benefits).

 Custom Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication ProcessWith aluminum extrusions, custom dies are made in significantly less time than other production processes – and that makes for serious dollar savings. Architects and designers can easily create complex shapes, without adding additional costs, but maintaining reduced manufacturing costs.

Saving Manufacturing Costs With Aluminum Extrusions

The aluminum extrusion process eliminates many of the secondary operations required with other fabrication processes. This in itself is a cost-saving on manufacturing. It’s also possible for customization to eliminate welding and/or riveting requirements, again decreasing overall cost.

As for extrusion dies, these are considerably cheaper than either of the more traditional methods – injection molds and die-cast molds. Finally, aluminum extrusions translate into very substantial weight reduction and very sizeable shipping cost savings (when compared with other materials).

With the newest advances in alloys and the latest cooling technologies, many applications require only a standard grade of aluminum and not a higher cost alloy. The bid benefit of customization is the capacity to cool and age an alloy accordingly – it provides flexibility and added cost savings.

Advantages of Designing With Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusions have become one of the most cost-effective options for fabricating both simple and complex shapes. For structural applications and building materials, there’s nothing that can come close – aluminum is super-strong, resistant to corrosion, and 100% recyclable.

Anodizing & Other FinishesSimply put, aluminum is a more versatile metal than others. It can be anodized, polished, and buffed. It’s a good electricity conductor. And it’s material that can be easily customizable. Best of all, it’s a very cost-effective option and less costly than other traditional metal forming options.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, aluminum extrusions are substantially lighter weight than steel, iron, copper, or others. The material is low maintenance because it doesn’t require a protective layer. And it’s easy to form, extrude, and machine into the most complex of shapes.

When it comes to quality, aluminum extrusion products provide uniform quality through and through, and with no mechanical joints. Ideal for cold weather applications, aluminum is also 100% recyclable, allowing for endless remanufacturing without losing structural integrity.

For Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Florida Choose The Experts at Offshore Direct Metals

Offshore Direct Metals (OD Metals) is an internationally recognized supplier. Whatever your custom aluminum extrusion needs, we can deliver the goods. Our products are top quality, and our overseas sources are capable of satisfying the most demanding of product specifications.

We have longstanding partnerships with extrusion mills situated throughout Southeast Asia. These mills are equipped with the most modern machinery – from extrusion presses, to oxidation production lines, to powder-coat lines. They produce a host of sizes, shapes, and quantities.

Working with OD Metals, architects, designers, and engineers can realize specifications that may not otherwise be attained with other materials. This allows for a level of manufacturing flexibility that other fabrication options cannot offer, and with no significant added cost to the project.

Offshore Direct Metals Has The Capability to Accommodate a Wide Range of Industries

Along with our reliable supply partners, OD Metals can accommodate the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. Our efficient global platform allows for speedy worldwide shipping at very competitive prices. This reduces our customers’ supply costs and makes for better profit.

In addition to aluminum extrusions, we also provide plate circles, castings, and CNC machining. As such, we can offer our customers “stock and release” programs or warehousing – whichever will satisfy the need. Our products are excellent quality from reputable manufacturing sources.

Architects, engineers, and designers shopping for custom aluminum extrusions in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, California, Texas, New York, and surrounding areas, can contact OD Metals by calling 1-855-272-3889 or requesting a quote online. Just let us know what you need and one of our in-house extrusion specialists will show you how we can achieve your goals. In our business, we are totally focused on customer satisfaction.

Our company is positioned to help you source and stock whatever you need – from extrusions to aluminum billets and castings; to aluminum circles; to flat-rolled metals and CNC machining.

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