Everything You Need to Know About Aluminum Plates

Posted By: Admin | Date: 09-11-2020

Aluminum plates are normally used for more heavy-duty applications – that would include aerospace, military, transportation, and the like. These are industries that have highly specialized demands where aluminum plate products (and custom aluminum extrusions) very effectively meet the needs.

Aluminum plate has the capacity to be machined into a specific shape. It means that customized “skins” can be fabricated for such applications as jet planes and spacecraft. More than that, “skins” can be used for railway cars, storage tanks, and military armour. The industrial applications are unlimited.

Offshore Direct Metals is one of America’s leading suppliers of aluminum plate. With a worldwide network of supplier manufacturers, OD Metals offers customers a team of aluminum experts with experience in every major industry. An efficient international logistics platform ensures “just-in-time” delivery.

The Properties of Aluminum Metal

Aluminum metal has extraordinary physical properties – which is why industrial applications are so varied and wide-ranging. The raw material is lightweight and pliable. It’s heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and fireproof. With so many unique properties it’s no wonder that application is so all-encompassing.

When it’s exposed to the elements, aluminum will oxidize. But unlike rusting iron, aluminum oxidation actually improves the quality of the metal (preventing further metal decay). Moreover, aluminum can be combined with other metals to create aluminum alloys – adding additional quality characteristics.

Alloys are designed to enhance the natural properties of aluminum. Alloys can increase the strength of aluminum, improve the pliability, and enhance corrosion resistance. There are also other manufacturing options that can boost the conductivity of aluminum. Here again, fabrication options are endless.

Supplying Quality Aluminum Plates

As a leading supplier of aluminum plates, Offshore Direct Metals has simplified the process of sourcing. And with strong supplier partnerships worldwide, direct-to-customer shipping and delivery are assured.

Because of high volume access, OD Metals negotiates better terms and more competitive prices for customers large and small. It’s not a “cookie-cutter” approach, allowing for highly customized orders.

Working with OD Metals, customers are assured of high-quality aluminum products – with optimum strength, durability, and performance. Viable solutions are provided for every industrial segment.

Supplying Aluminum Extrusions    

Offshore Direct Metals sources custom aluminum extrusions from around the world. The key to customer satisfaction is the unique Floor-to-Door logistics – a cost-efficient approach allowing customers to reduce their overhead. Stock-and-Release programs are also available, includes warehousing services.

OD Metals has established business relationships with leading aluminum extrusion companies around the world. It means that high-quality products are delivered at the highest international standards. Every supplier meets strict ASTM Standards and preferred suppliers are the ones that are ISO Certified.

  • custom aluminum extrusions are very cost-efficient
  • extrusions are customized to shape; size; contour
  • aluminum offers very high-performance capabilities 
  • extrusions provide the most versatile design options

Supplying a Huge Mix of Industries 

With a vast network of suppliers, OD Metals provides aluminum for a huge mix of industries – everything from construction, to shipbuilding, to automotive. Aluminum plates range in thickness from 1” to 6”.

Aluminum plates are fabricated to meet specific customer requirements and specifications. Aluminum alloys, for example, can be fully customized to satisfy a customer’s precise product characteristics.

Aluminum plates from Offshore Direct Metals are tested to ensure material traceability. Foreign suppliers observe strict industry standards established by their own nation (equivalent to USA standards).

Working with Offshore Direct Metals

Offshore Direct Metals works in tandem with reputable manufacturers around the world. Our objective is to source, ship, and deliver the best quality products at the very best price. In addition to our aluminum extrusion products, we also provide aluminum plates, aluminum ingots, and aluminum sheets.

At OD Metals, in-house specialists combine their product knowledge and logistics expertise to meet the demands of many industry sectors. Often, customers have some very demanding requirements and exacting manufacturing specifications. Our focus is always on delivering customer satisfaction.

OD Metals has established a sophisticated “supply-demand” model. It’s a proven approach that enables customers to reduce overhead costs while increasing gross profit. Our innovative approach is designed to help customers grow their business with high-quality aluminum products, competitively priced.

Choosing the Team At OD Metals 

Od Metals outperforms other companies with access to state-of-the-art machinery and the capacity to deliver hundreds of tons of aluminum products. Our reliable global partners can accommodate every type of industrial application, with efficient and speedy “just-in-time” shipping.

In addition to direct customer delivery, OD Metals also offers “stock and release” programs depending on customer needs. Our outsourcing approach makes for a worthwhile and profitable business proposition. Outsourcing allows for reduced costs, efficient delivery, and a better profit picture.

For Offshore Direct Metals, the primary focus is on satisfying customer demand – from ordering, to fabrication, to delivery. With aluminum, architects, designers, and engineers are assured of production flexibility that is unattainable with any of the other conventional fabrication options.

Find out more about Offshore Direct Metals and our wide range of custom aluminum products by calling 1-855-272-3889 or visiting the company website at https://odmetals.com. One of our highly experienced team will help to assess your needs and provide a viable, cost-effective solution.

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