How Aluminum Sheets Drive the Automative Industry

Posted By: | Date: 21-04-2023

Aluminum is reported to be the fastest growing material in the automotive industry and for good reason. Aluminum is a highly valuable metal that offers manufacturers and engineers many benefits, especially when compared to alternative or traditional metal options. Aluminum sheets which can be used in many components for vehicles, allows cars to run longer, withstand more damage, and drive faster. Offshore Direct Metals is a leading aluminum sheet supplier in North America and the Caribbean, providing manufacturers and car companies throughout the world with high-quality component parts.

Read on to learn how aluminum sheets are driving production in the auto industry.

How Are Aluminum Sheets Used in Vehicles

aluminum sheets supplierAluminum sheets were not limited to just part of a vehicle, their vast popularity in the automotive industry has led them to be used in many areas including body panels, doors, roofs, and more.

Body Panels

Aluminum sheets are commonly used for body panels in modern cars because they reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. The lightweight nature of aluminum sheets improves fuel efficiency and the ability to handle or drive the vehicle. Because aluminum sheets can be easily molded and altered, they can be shaped into even complex structures, enabling car manufacturers to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle’s body.

Vehicle Doors

The use of aluminum sheets in doors allows for the creation of lighter doors, making it easier to open and close them. Moreover, it also helps reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, which leads to improved fuel efficiency. In the case of an accident, lightweight aluminum reduces the risk of injury and facilitates exits when locks and other mechanisms become locked or stuck. 

Aluminum Car Roofs

Despite being lighter than other metals, aluminum sheets are strong enough to provide support to the roof of a vehicle. Aluminum sheet suppliers like OD Metals can customize the shape and size of the roof to accommodate additional features such as sun roofs. 

Engine Components 

In addition to the body of their vehicle, aluminum sheets are also used internally in various components as are custom aluminum extrusions, including engine blocks, cylinder heads, and pistons. Aluminum's high thermal conductivity helps keep the engine cool, improving its lifespan.

Aluminum Sheet Suppliers at OD Metals

To ensure the highest quality aluminum sheets are used in automotive manufacturing, OD Metals assess and provide the necessary specifications, such as thickness, size, and finish, required for the automotive industry. Our team also provides customized aluminum solutions to meet your specific project requirements. 

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