How Custom Aluminum Extrusions Are Being Used In The Auto Industry

Posted By: Admin | Date: 10-06-2022

The importance of getting components right in the auto industry is a matter of safety, and that's why custom aluminum extrusions are a great fit. They can be tailored to meet the exact needs of the vehicle, no matter the size. Despite its light mass, aluminum is just as durable as any other metal, and it can be formed into various car pieces that still provide a reliable level of strength and security. 

When shopping for a custom aluminum extrusion for your vehicle model, there are a few factors that require thoughtful consideration. How much you’re spending on your custom product is usually at the top of everyone’s list, but equally important is sorting through the various aluminum extrusion suppliers to source your custom car part. As one of the world’s leading and reliable aluminum extrusion suppliers, Offshore Direct Metals can meet any (if not all) of the specifications of your custom aluminum extrusions. From the frame of your car’s engine to its front subframe, we can provide you with high-quality car parts at an affordable price.

Qualities of Aluminum Extrusions In The Auto Industry

More and more automakers are incorporating aluminum extrusions into the development of their vehicles. First and foremost, the very process of creating a custom aluminum extrusion is far more cost-effective than producing a car piece from the traditional assembly line. 

While lightweight, aluminum can be melted, formed, and extruded into virtually any shape or size. On top of that, it’s wear and corrosion-resistant. When you piece these parts together, what you end up with is a durable vehicle with reduced weight. This not only improves your vehicle’s fuel economy and efficiency but its range as well.

As the trend of custom aluminum extrusions continues to climb in the auto industry, you’ll find suppliers such as Offshore Direct Metals inventing new and robust aluminum extrusion car parts that will heighten your vehicle’s performance and safety.

Where Custom Aluminum Extrusions Are Used

You can utilize a custom aluminum extrusion for several pieces that make up your car. 

Your vehicle’s trims – from the sunroof to roof racks, bed extenders, and running boards – can be created through custom aluminum extrusions. You can create a profile of your custom trim, enabling you to customize or adjust it for future products or apply them to similar ones.

Thanks to its durability, strength, and longevity, custom aluminum extrusions are ideal for your vehicle’s subframe. Since the subframe supports the vehicle’s suspension, axle, and powertrain, it’s subject to both mechanical and environmental stress. Subframes created through custom aluminum extrusions will protect your vehicle from environmental conditions, as well as stiffness and fatigue.

Custom aluminum extrusions also make for the perfect line of defense when it comes to crash management. Aluminum alloys used in the extrusion process have been found to have higher impact absorption than their steel counterparts which possess similar yield strength. On top of that, custom aluminum extrusions have high resistance to fracturing. Since they are easily customizable, tailor your profile and its geometry to achieve better energy absorption. 

For electric vehicles, using a battery box made from custom aluminum extrusions can provide an extra level of security and protection for the battery system, thanks to aluminum’s strength and energy absorption.  

Your vehicle can also benefit from a cross-car beam custom created through aluminum extrusions. A vehicle’s crossbar beam plays a key role in the safety and structural support. Using a hollow structure such as aluminum can provide torsional resistance against twisting loads that cross bar beams are typically subjected to.

Creating vehicle rockers through custom aluminum extrusions also improves your car’s security. Located just below the car door, the rocker has an integral role in your vehicle’s body stiffness and protecting side impact. Not only will extruded aluminum protect the occupant in the event of a side crash, but it adds extra security for an electric vehicle’s battery.

Cross members produced from extruded aluminum can offer heightened ruggedness, strength, and robustness. A vehicle’s frame is prone to twisting and bending, so aluminum can counter any strain this may have on the structure, thanks to its flexibility and durability. Aluminum delivers the best performing frame stiffening member, and the extrusion can meet any prototype or production demands.

Choosing Offshore Direct Metals

Offshore Direct Metals is here to help you with creating your custom car product’s design and profile at a cost-effective price. We work with organizations that follow and comply with the best industry ISO standards, meaning that we do business with some of the best injection molding manufacturers in the world. This has helped us earn our reputation as a leading and reliable provider of high-quality custom aluminum extrusions. Our partners have multiple aluminum extrusion mills located throughout Southeast Asia, with a combined annual production of over 100,000 metric tons. We combine logistics expertise with extensive extrusion knowledge, enabling us to meet any requested manufacturing specifications or variations. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to improve our craft and services, while still delivering high-quality car products that are durable, safe, and reliable. On top of that, we also provide prompt delivery services.

Contact Offshore Direct Metals now to learn more about how we can help bring your extruded aluminum car part to life.


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