How Custom Aluminum Extrusions Are Used at Trade Shows

Posted By: | Date: 08-08-2022

Custom aluminum extrusions are used in a vast array of applications, crossing various industries including automotive industries, technology development, marine industry, manufacturing, construction, architecture, and more. Because these aluminum components can be used in a multitude of ways, aluminum extrusion suppliers, like OD Metals, that offer customization options are far preferred by industry experts to ensure that it excels in a specific use. One place where custom aluminum extrusions are often found are trade shows. 

If you’re building components for trade shows around the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, learn how OD Metals, a trusted American aluminum extrusion supplier can help.

Signs & Display Spans

custom aluminum extrusionsBecause trade exhibits are always moving, businesses need signage, stands, and frames that are lightweight and easy to set up, take down, and move. Aluminum is a durable metal that has an ideal weight-to-strength ratio, meaning it can withstand impact well without breaking, but it can also be carried easily. This can be seen with A-Frame signs and display booths that end ure a lot of commotion and action during the span of a trade show, which usually lasts at least a weekend. 

Modular Design

When getting set up and taking everything down is important, aluminum extrusions excel. In addition to long extrusions that are one straight piece of aluminum, aluminum extrusion suppliers also offer T-Slot aluminum extrusions shaped like a ‘T’ which boast a modular design that interlock with other pieces of aluminum to stay in place. These aluminum extrusions streamline assembly and disassembly, making trade shows a breeze. 

Electrical Equipment 

With many vendors or potential customers in one location, businesses will go beyond signage to get the attention of attendees. From sound systems to electronic displays, these efforts are powered by electrical equipment built with aluminum extrusions. Aluminum is not very heavy and heat resistant, so custom aluminum extrusions are often found in LED lighting where they facilitate heat exchange. 

Aluminum extrusion suppliers also produce components for busbars, which are typically extruded metal used to transfer large amounts of current. Aluminum is a highly conductive metal, by weight, one pound of aluminum has the same current capacity as two pounds of copper (one of the most conductive metals). At trade shows these highly conductive aluminum extrusion features help to keep everything electrically-powered run without being stopped by overwhelmed circuits or power surges. 

Common Construction Features

While custom aluminum extrusions have very specific and niche uses, the versatile characteristics of aluminum and custom options of extrusions means that they’re found in many overlooked aspects in trade shows as well. You will typically find aluminum extrusions in window frames, chairs, tables, aluminum handrails, storage systems, and so much more. 

Why Aluminum Extrusions?

If you’re setting up for a trade show and need custom fixtures, OD Metals is a trusted and reliable aluminum extrusion supplier serving all of the Americas with high-quality aluminum components. You can build something tailored to your booth and business with custom options for every industry. The team at OD Metals is here to help. 

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