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Aluminum extrusions are a shaped material. To manufacture stock aluminum extrusions, this alloy is forced through a die’s shaped opening, where it comes out as an elongated piece in the exact shape as the die opening profile. Following is detailed information regarding the process of manufacturing aluminum extrusions stock.

aluminum extrusion

Step-by-Step Process

  • 1. The process of making aluminum extrusions starts with an aluminum log, commonly referred to as a billet. The billet is cast up to roughly 23 feet long and available in different diameters and alloys. Once the billet is cast, it is further heat-treated prior to going to the aluminum extrusion manufacturer.

  • 2. At the manufacturing facility, the first course of action involves cutting the aluminum billet into workable lengths. The exact length is based on the final extruded length required by the customer but also the press capacity, which is the type of machinery used to make aluminum extrusions. Typically, the cut billet is heated between 800 and 925 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the exact temperature depends on the type of alloy, as well as different parameters of the process, including the shape’s complexity.

  • 3. For stock aluminum extrusions, an ingot preheated between 842 and 932 degrees Fahrenheit is forced through the die opening using high pressure. As for speed, this varies from 0.197 to 3.15 inches per minute, based on the alloy and the complexity of the shape.

  • 4. To make extrusions, both direct and indirect processes are used. The direct method is more traditional. For this process, the die remains stationary, whereas with the indirect process it does not.

  • 5. The aluminum extrusion manufacturer cools the extrusion using nitrogen, although water, air, or a combination of the two is another option. This makes it possible to stretch and handle the extruded lengths.

  • 6. The long, extruded pieces are transferred across the press table and into a stretcher. With both ends firmly gripped, the pieces are stretched using controlled measures. During the process of stretching stock aluminum extrusions, there are times when the mechanical properties are slightly affected. Extrusions measuring more than 100-feet are usually fed into a saw conveyer, which cuts the pieces to the size required by the customer.

  • 7. For aluminum extrusions and their tempers, the manufacturer performs a special type of heat treating known as aging. This helps to develop different mechanical properties, particularly strength. With the process finished, the extrusions are sent to aluminum extrusion suppliers.


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