How to Choose an Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer

Posted By: Admin | Date: 25-03-2020

Choosing an aluminum extrusion manufacturer is all about doing the right research. There are certain traits that absolutely must be present in order for it to be a successful business relationship. Choosing the right aluminum extrusion manufacturer is about evaluating their expertise, experience, and their distribution capabilities and seeing if all these different elements match up with your expectations. When it comes to choosing the right aluminum extrusion manufacturer for your needs, here is what you need to consider:

What are others saying about them?

Reputation and customer feedback are two key things that can help in making this decision, and considering these right off the bat can help eliminate some of the competitors. Ask about references and what other companies have said, and do some research on the companies you’re evaluating as well. You’ll find that word does get around, especially when you ask colleagues in the industry when it comes to manufacturers that are not quite true to their word.

Use this as a first-level evaluation to help take out some of the ones you’re considering, or at least help you prioritise which ones have a better reputation overall and are worth having further discussions with.

What is their background and experience?

Just like when evaluating candidates for a job, there are similar considerations that need to made when choosing aluminum extrusion manufacturers. Understanding their background and the different industries they service will help you glean their workload and output, as well as any niche expertise they might have that could help you. Think about how your industry sector connects with their experience, and how that could be a benefit. For manufacturers with experience across multiple sectors, this gives you more room in terms of custom aluminum extrusion capabilities and opens up different product possibilities.

But for manufacturers that have niche experience, it could mean considering different capabilities and expanding your current process to incorporate some new elements. Both scenarios have their benefits and cons, so it’s important to think about what you value more. If you’d rather have someone closely aligned with your own industry sector, this can help narrow down the selection. But if you’d rather have broader industry experience, it can also help in narrowing down the choices by giving lowered priority to niche manufacturers, so it’s really up to you and what you place importance around.

What is their pricing structure like

Everyone’s looking for the best deal, and while that is important, there are some other factors to think about as well. What kind of pricing schedule is there in place, how are invoices dealt with, and how static are rates? You might find a manufacturer with competitive rates, but then a random increase months after the deal is through. While those scenarios are rare, it is important for transparency on both ends about how the finance end will be dealt with, and what paperwork is needed before starting anything.

Don’t be afraid to get technical

A lot of times when these discussions start, things stay pretty surface-level so it can be difficult to pinpoint the team’s strengths, how well they know the product, and their capacity when it comes to custom aluminum extrusions.


Some questions to consider to try to get towards that understanding include questions around:

  • Product efficiency: what inventory is kept in-house, how much time is usually needed to order new parts, and how quickly can new component orders be brought into production?

  • The product itself: What are the tolerances for different aluminum extruders, what are the size limitations and what other considerations need to be kept in mind as orders change and evolve?

  • Minimum and maximum order requirements: Everyone has different quantity requirements and because there might be customization needed, it is important to establish limits early on so you can scale production accordingly.

  • Any other add-on services offered: Many extrusion partners offer other services that could help make your supply chain more efficient and eliminate some of the time needed for other processes. This could include tumbling, finishing, precision cutting, or other ancillary services, so it’s good to probe and get a full scope on exactly what you could be getting alongside your custom aluminum extrusions.

Choosing the right aluminum extrusion manufacturer is about investigating different aspects of their work to understand if they would be the right as an aluminum extrusion partner. Using these questions as a foundation, start with a discussion with your manufacturers and drill down into specifics. Getting an idea of their strengths and limitations, as well as their other ancillary services, can help you get a clearer picture of the sector and aid you in making the right decision.

As you ask these questions across different manufacturers, you’ll be able to see trends and patterns that can help you in deciding who might be the right fit, who is truly offering the most competitive rates, and who has the capacity to take on your work and deliver it within the required scope and timeline. OD Metals is one of the leading aluminum extrusion suppliers and we understand the product and market well. To learn more about our experience and how we can help you develop the best product possible with our custom aluminum extrusions, please contact us.

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