Industries That Benefit From Plastic Extrusions

Posted By: | Date: 24-06-2022

Plastic extrusions are created from a high-volume manufacturing process that consists of melting and forming plastic materials into one, solid desired profile. A plastic extrusions supplier will take raw plastic compounds and feed them through an extruder. Heat will melt the plastics as they move through the barrel, and as it exits the barrel, the molten plastic is forced through a die to shape the desired product profile. The profile is maintained and hardened with the help of a cooling section.

There are many benefits of doing business with plastic extrusion companies in Florida, such as Offshore Direct Metals. The manufacturing method that is plastic extrusion is more economically feasible than others, as it’s a continuous process that is capable of high volume output. Read more to learn about plastic extrusions' benefits and which industries capitalize off of their efficiency.

Why Use Plastic Extrusions?

plastic extrusion companies FloridaOne of the big draws of plastic extrusions is that the tooling costs are relatively low compared to other processes. Plastic parts made from the plastic extrusion method thrive off of the consistent wall thickness that the process provides. Profiles manufactured through this process can also be longer and wider compared to other types of production.

As a plastic extrusions supplier, Offshore Direct Metals has created profiles for a wide variety of industries and products. This includes plastic deck railing, rods, tubing, bags, films, piping, weather stripping and more.

Being one of the leading plastic extrusion companies in Florida, Offshore Direct Metals can create profiles that can be ready for use. But we can also transform the extruded product into a more complex assembly, thanks to molding, punching and forming. The extrusion process is a cost-effective one, as once a profile is made, it can easily be modified in the future with a minimal price hike. 

Different profiles and products can be created through different dies and extrusion processes. There are four types of plastic extrusion methods: tubing, blow film, sheet film and over jacket.

The tubing extrusion process is typically reserved for extruding pipes and tubes. This method involves air with positive internal pressure. Once the pipe or tube has left the die, it’s placed in a cooling tank for water cooling.

Often used in the production of shopping bags, blow film extrusions create plastic film tubes via continuous sheeting. This process sees the melted film tube cooled before exiting the die. The end result is a semi-solid tube that can be expanded into a desired film thickness and size. 

Plastic films or sheets that are too thick to be expanded and blown usually undergo a sheet film extrusion. Upon leaving the die, the sheets are cooled using a series of cooling rolls that also help to regulate the sheet’s thickness.

Over jacket extrusion is used for wire coating, where the wire is pulled through the die’s centre. While in the die, the wire is covered in molten plastic and undergoes pressure as it exits.

Working With Offshore Direct Metals

For over 10 years, Offshore Direct Metals has specialized in injection manufacturing and plastic extrusions. Our plastic extrusion services have assisted a wide variety of industries, from plumbing to automotive and electronics. Our profiles and products are made through affordable prices, strength and precision.

Contact Offshore Direct Metals to learn how we can help bring your plastic extrusion profile to life.

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