Is the Cost of Custom Aluminum Extrusions Worthwhile?

Posted By: Admin | Date: 17-02-2021

Custom aluminum extrusions (and custom aluminum plate products) have been instrumental in saving time and money for a huge range of industries. Although steel products are ever-present in many industries around the world, more and more business leaders are recognizing the benefits of aluminum.

Aluminum is highly regarded for its durability, strength, corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. It is lightweight in any application, and the finishing options are countless. Today, aluminum helps designers, engineers, and architects to accomplish goals that conventional steel products just can’t accomplish.

Custom aluminum extrusions are well suited for practically any industrial application, with profiles that offer endless opportunities for creating unique and innovative product designs. The rewards are truly outstanding – from enhanced design elements to optimized functionality to much better dollar value.

The up-front costs associated with aluminum extrusions are recovered quite quickly for a customer because of the fast turnaround time and logistics options. In short, aluminum is a new way to do business.

Cost Investment Considerations

custom aluminum plate productsShopping around for a good aluminum extruder is well worth the time. With differences in equipment, expertise, and capacities, choosing the right extruder is essential when it comes to project planning and cost management. A high level of partner reliability is the key to keeping costs down.

As it is, the main cost with aluminum extrusions is the custom die. But this is all relative to the overall scope of an architectural project or construction project. With proper planning and appropriate lead times, custom aluminum extrusions’ cost investment and affordability are made clear. 

Avoiding Unforeseen Expenses 

With various associated costs, aluminum extrusions can get tricky without an experienced supplier on board. That’s why it’s important to partner with a knowledgeable and skilled supplier – it will help avoid unforeseen costs and production surprises that could inflate a project budget.

Another important consideration is order minimums, but with a reliable supply partner, accommodations can be made to fine-tune an order and provide a solution. Because custom extrusions are not off-the-shelf profiles, planning and organization will be essential in avoiding unforeseen costs.

Aluminum is the “Green Metal”

Aluminum is referred to as the “Green Metal” because it’s so environmentally friendly. When recycled, aluminum needs a fraction of the energy compared to producing aluminum from raw material. In fact, aluminum can be recycled over and over again – forever – and it doesn’t lose any of its quality.

When it comes to cost, aluminum’s many benefits make the product affordable compared to other production metals. The most relevant aspect in today’s world is that aluminum extrusion products significantly reduce the carbon footprint of any project, regardless of the size.

Sourcing Aluminum Extrusions    

Offshore Direct Metals (OD Metals) provides custom aluminum extrusions from sources around the world. Our floor-to-door logistics allow for excellent cost-efficiency, thus reducing project overhead very significantly. We also offer a stock-and-release option, which includes a warehousing service.

OD Metals has relationships with the leading aluminum extrusion companies in the world. Our products are of the highest quality and manufactured to the highest international standard. Each of our supplier partners meets ASTM Standards, while our preferred supplier partners are also ISO Certified.

Supplying Aluminum Plates

OD Metals is also a leading supplier of aluminum plate products. Here again, our direct-to-customer shipping procedure assures cost-efficient logistics and delivery. Depending on the order’s volume, OD Metals can negotiate the most competitive prices and best possible terms for every customer.

Our aluminum plate products range from 1” to 6” in thickness and are manufactured to meet precise customer specifications. Our foreign supplier partners observe industry standards that are established in their nation. It means that product standards are considered equivalent to the standards of the USA.

OD Metals has the Expertise

Offshore Direct Metals works with the most reputable suppliers in the world. We source and ship high-quality aluminum products at the best possible price. We can also provide aluminum ingots and aluminum sheets in addition to aluminum extrusion products and aluminum plates.

At OD Metals, our in-house experts make every effort to satisfy customer needs. And often, customers have demanding requirements and exacting specifications. Our “supply and demand” approach allows our customers to reduce overhead, enhance gross profit, and grow business.

Working with the Aluminum Experts at Offshore Direct Metals

With state-of-the-art manufacturing, and an ability to deliver hundreds of tons of aluminum, OD Metals outperforms competitors throughout the industry. We can handle all types of industrial applications, even with the most demanding of requisites. And we assure customers of “just-in-time” shipping and delivery.

Outsourcing with Offshore Direct Metals makes for a profitable and worthwhile production process. Our aim is to provide customers with reduced overhead costs and an improved profit picture. From ordering to manufacturing to delivery, customers are assured of quality products and total production flexibility.

Learn more about our range of aluminum products by visiting our website at or call 1-855-272-3889 directly. One of our experienced aluminum specialists can help assess your specific needs while providing viable, cost-effective solutions that will make the cost investment worthwhile.


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