Material Saving Strategies for Companies Using Plastic Extrusions

Posted By: | Date: 24-01-2023

Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process akin to aluminum extruding, where raw plastic is melted down and manufactured seamlessly into a desired continuous profile. Because the product offers many advantages in its applications, there are many reasons why companies seek out plastic extrusion manufacturers for component parts. One of the leading reasons plastic extrusions are sought after is their ability to save materials. Read on to learn more about the benefits of saving materials with plastic extrusion companies. Offshore Direct Metals is a leading plastic extrusion company offering high-quality plastic components throughout North America. To get a quote, contact our team directly. 

How Plastic Extrusions Reduce Material Waste

plastic extrusion manufacturers Manufactured with meted polymers, plastic extrusion manufacturers customize extrusions based on the specifications outlined by the client. Because plastic extrusion manufacturers are working with a material that can be melted and repurposed, there is less waste when compared to the production of other components with alternate materials. 

Due to the inherent ductility and flexibility of plastic polymers, specifically thermoplastics, which are the most popular among plastic extrusion companies, manufacturers can easily shape and customize the properties of plastic extrusions. 

How Plastic Extrusion Companies Save Materials

Leveraging material-saving practices with refined plastic extrusion manufacturer practices not only reduces waste but also encourages more sustainable practices and results in more cost-effective production for customers. Leading plastic extrusion companies like OD Metals use expert facilities, specialists, and equipment to ensure that plastic extrusions are produced with precision and care. From training and setup to expert die ovalization, we optimize every step of the process to create a high-quality result that makes sense for your applications. 

Additional Benefits of Plastic Extrusions

In addition to their cost-effectiveness and their reduced material waste, there are many benefits to the plastic extrusion process. Unlike metal alloys, plastic polymers can be easily compounded to enhance the characteristics of the material for better performance in a specific application or environment. Material compounding can add properties such as fire resistance, static reduction, or durability to your plastic extrusions. 

Beyond their material compounding, plastic extrusion manufacturers can customize your components with greater ease due to their inherent flexibility, which improves your ability to get the results you’re looking for. The customization available with the right custom plastic extrusion manufacturer and the fast turnaround time on production keeps your business and projects moving quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime or delays. 

Choosing OD Metals for Plastic Extrusions 

When you choose Offshore Direct Metals as your plastic extrusion company, you can count on beautiful high-quality finishes and top-tier products that last. From quality materials to refined production processes and expert teams, you can count on us.

To learn more about our plastic extrusion services, reach out to the OD Metals team today. 

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