Why Choose OD Metals for Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Posted By: Admin | Date: 16-12-2020

Custom aluminum extrusions are a unique fabrication whereby an aluminum alloy material gets “force-fed” into a custom die that eventually produces a cross-sectional profile. While it sounds a little complicated, it’s really no different than squeezing toothpaste out of the tube.

Offshore Direct Metals (OD Metals) delivers finished custom aluminum extrusions to customers of all types – from architects to engineers, to builders, to manufacturers. All depending on customer needs, finished extrusions are available in any customized shape, angle, or channel.

The demand for aluminum extrusions has increased exponentially of late. The fact is, more and more end-users are realizing the benefits of this product option and the advantages to the bottom line. The important thing, of course, is to work with a supplier that delivers the goods. 

It’s Better to Choose the Experts

Choosing the right aluminum extrusion supplier is critical in achieving long-term objectives. OD Metals, for example, is internationally recognized – which encompasses recognition for quality products, prompt deliveries, and competitive pricing. More than that, OD Metals services a wide range of manufacturing industries worldwide, including electronics, aviation, and automotive.

At OD Metals, our existing clients demand the utmost in manufacturing flexibility, and that’s best attainable with our aluminum extrusions. We satisfy the needs of leading architects, engineers, and designers with extrusion products that outperform competitor offerings. We also have the capacity to deliver huge quantity amounts, along with global logistics that ensures fast shipping.

With Offshore Direct Metals, customers are assured of Floor-to-Door logistics – a cost-efficient approach to shipping and delivery that significantly reduces overhead costs. We also offer a Stock-and-Release program, which includes warehousing. We work with the best aluminum extrusion fabricators, insisting on ASTM Standards, and preferring ISO Certified companies. 

A Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Beyond high-quality products and prompt deliveries, OD Metals provides personalized service that’s unmatched in the industry. And because we have business partnerships with the leading extrusion mills in Southeast Asia, we can accommodate the most demanding customer needs.

Our mill partners are at the leading edge – with the latest in extrusion presses, electrophoresis systems, and oxidation production lines. These mills can deliver an unlimited selection of custom profiles to meet the growing needs of industries that are discovering the benefits of extrusions.

  1. producing finished materials that are up to 44 feet long
  2. fabricating finished widths measuring up to 12 inches 
  3. the annual production capacity of over 100,000 metric tons 
  4. offering more than 600,000 sq. ft. of hi-tech equipment 
  5. twelve extrusion presses, and four powder coating lines

Aluminum Plates from OD Metals 

Offshore Direct Metals is one of the industry’s top aluminum plate suppliers. With OD Metals on board, there’s no reason to deal with unproven sources for aluminum products. We have strong business relationships with the best aluminum suppliers, allowing us to deliver superior quality aluminum shipped right to our customer’s door.

OD Metals does not rely on a “cookie-cutter” approach to satisfy customer need – we tailor each customer’s order based on precise specifications. Our aluminum plate products provide optimal corrosion performance; substantial durability; and maximum strength. We also have the capacity to deliver high-quality lightweight aluminum plate.

Offshore Direct Metals services the marine industry, tool and die manufacturers, and construction companies (amongst many others). Our plates range in thickness from one inch to six inches, with options for various alloys, all depending on the product characteristics required. Bottom line, we find the solution that best satisfies the need.

The Big Difference with OD Metals

OD Metals takes the guesswork out of aluminum extrusions, plates, and ingots. More than that, we have the same answer to all of those questions about out-sourcing – WE CAN DO IT ALL!

  1. Should we try to import directly?
  2. What about the exchange rates?
  3. How will we even communicate?
  4. Who handles all of the shipping?
  5. What about those import tariffs?
  6. Do I need an in-country contact?

With OD Metals, outsourcing is streamlined, allowing for a reduced cost of supply and increased gross profit. For customers ordering by the container, there’s no better way than OD Metals.

For All Things Aluminum, It’s Offshore Direct Metals

Offshore Direct Metals combines product knowledge and logistics expertise to satisfy countless customers, each of which has its own demanding manufacturing specifications. Over a good many years, we’ve built a consistent and reliable network of material suppliers who meet our high standards. We currently have a super-efficient global platform that provides customers with just-in-time shipping and the most competitive prices anywhere.

OD Metals has created a sophisticated “supply/demand” model that allows end-users to reduce their overhead costs while increasing their gross profits. Our innovative approach to sourcing products helps customers to measurably grow their businesses year after year. And our customer service approach reinforces our business relationships, creating long-lasting partnerships with benefits that filter right through the entire supply chain.

Find out more about our huge range of aluminum products by calling one of our in-house experts directly at 1-855-272-3889. Or visit our company website at https://odmetals.com to learn more about our company. Whatever your specific goals and objectives, OD Metals can help.

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