Outsourcing Plastic Injection Molding: Save Time, Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency

Posted By: | Date: 07-08-2020

Today, throughout every industry sector, quality plastic components are crucial to the production process. In addition to delivering flawless quality products, component suppliers must ensure reliable lead times along with affordable prices. The key, of course, is to work in tandem with a reputable plastic injection molding supplier.

For companies to effectively meet the highest standards of product quality and on-time delivery it’s necessary to outsource services to a trusted plastic injection molding company. Dealing with experts means NO unforeseen costs, NO production delays, and NO questions about quality. In short, everything is effectively streamlined.

Companies that opt for in-house component manufacturing often encounter challenges that were unexpected. True, there may be anticipated cost savings and a sense of “in-house control” – but too often companies realize that streamlining their production process falls short. The alternative is to partner with experts in plastic injection.

Significant Savings on Production Costs

All things considered, partnering with an established plastic injection molding supplier can offer significant cost savings. For example, while many plastic components might seem simple and inexpensive to manufacture, they may well require very substantial infrastructure investment.

Businesses that choose to keep the production of their components in-house may experience financial and practical problems quite quickly. On the flip side, outsourcing plastic parts production to an experienced plastic injection molding company saves hugely on infrastructure and labor costs.

A big benefit when dealing with an injection molding supplier is universal access – they provide access to advanced tooling and logistics services at a far lower cost than in-house options. From a bottom-line point of view, there’s simply no comparison when it comes to overall production costs.

Streamlined Better-Managed Inventory 

When it comes to streamlining inventory, companies experience far better management results when outsourcing injection molding. Suppliers are ideally positioned – with production capacities and international resources that are practically unattainable through any in-house operations.

Injection molding suppliers help clients to maintain sufficient inventory. At the same time, they help to minimize waste and diminish excessive storage volumes. The aim is to effectively monitor inventory in real-time, forecast future needs, and safeguard against unanticipated demands.

With a reliable supplier on hand, client companies are provided with innovative technologies that monitor their project needs from beginning to end. It’s the best way to streamline an operation – with “just-in-time” manufacturing and sophisticated logistics that deliver the optimum results.

Assurance Of High-Quality Standards

plastic injection molding companyProbably the highest priority when outsourcing injection molding is an assurance of quality. The best suppliers have standardized quality control practices already in place. And here, the quality controls extend beyond molding to include materials sourcing, packaging, and delivery shipment.

When choosing a preferred plastic injection molding supplier, it’s incumbent on client companies to look for both experience and expertise. As well, quality standards must be uncompromised and turnaround times must compatible with client needs. It’s simply about total customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance should encompass the full range of product fulfillment. That should include the following – wide access to a global supply network; sophisticated logistics that guarantee on-time delivery; and above all the guarantee that all manufacturing specifications are accommodated.

Finding The Right Fit When Choosing A Plastic Injection Molding Company

With plastic injection molding, there’s too much at stake to make hurried decisions. So it’s worth the time to assess fully and choose wisely. Based in Florida, OD Metals (Offshore Direct Metals) is internationally recognized as a reputable injection molding supplier, with the capacity to satisfy even the most demanding of specifications.

At Offshore Direct Metals, we make every effort NOT to disappoint our customers. From quality products to competitive pricing, to on-time delivery, we satisfy customers throughout the world. We source a wide range of component parts for a broad range of industries, including electronics, plumbing, automotive, and many others.

OD Metals offers products in various plastic compositions, such as HDPE, acrylic, polypropylene, PET, nylon, and polyurethane. Our injection molded parts meet very tight tolerances. For client architects, designers, and engineers, we provide a level of production flexibility that’s practically unattainable with other fabrication options.

In short, we outperform other companies with our state-of-the-art machinery and our capacity to deliver up to 500 tons of parts and components. Together with our reliable supply partners, the team at OD Metals can accommodate all types of industrial applications. And our efficient global platform allows for super-speedy shipping.

OD Metals also provides aluminum extrusions, plate circles, and CNC machining. More than that, we offer customers preferred warehousing or custom “stock and release” programs – depending on specific needs. Our finished products are excellent quality, sourced from reputable suppliers, and delivered at the most competitive prices.

The benefits of outsourcing injection molding make for a commitment that is both worthwhile and profitable. Outsourcing allows for a significant reduction in overhead costs, efficient ordering and delivery, and a much better gross profit picture. For OD Metals, it’s all about satisfying customers from the beginning to the end of the process.

Find out more by contacting one of our specialists at 1-855-272-3889 or contact us by filling out our online form. Let us know what you need and we’ll show you how we can deliver the goods.

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