Plastic Injection Molding: Streamlining Production to Save Time and Money

Posted By: | Date: 06-02-2020

For large companies that utilize customized plastic components, the quality of its components is vital for their success and growth story. To streamline the production process, these precision components must be available at an affordable cost with minimal production lead-time. In-house production of such sophisticated components can be counter-productive, leading to higher costs and time lags. Simplifying production by outsourcing and partnering with industry experts in plastic injection molding is a smart way to meet exacting production standards.

Cutting Production Cost

Strategic partnership with injection molding suppliers who are experts in the field offers significant cost savings in the long run. Seemingly simple plastic components may be extremely expensive to manufacture owing to heavy machine and infrastructure investment. A standard facility for plastic injection molding typically requires:

  1. An Automated plastic injection molding equipment

  2. Trained personnel for Engineering, Design, Tooling and Maintenance

  3. Trained personnel for production process and support

  4. Valuable factory space for the facility

  5. Commercial space for staff and supplies

Keeping the production process in-house can be financially draining and it makes sense to outsource these customized parts to save cost and production headaches.

Bulk Savings

Partnering with established plastic injection molding experts will lead to bulk savings through passing on of economies of scale. Bulk discounts offered by material suppliers and huge production volumes can lead to substantial savings in the long run.

Kitting Benefits

Specialist manufacturers also offer Kitting, or putting together a set of parts to save time and money. Kitting saves crucial manufacturing time for putting together several parts, saving considerable material handling time, money and energy. Bulk kitting at the point of manufacture thus saves money, time and effort, as the major chunk of your work is outsourced.

Stringent Quality Control

Partnering with experts in plastic injection molding ensures tighter control on quality. Ensure that your strategic partner/ outsourcing expert has its quality control practices in place with the best quality assurance certifications like the ISO 9001:2015. The QCM should transcend injection-moulding requirements to include broader parameters such as packaging, materials and shipping.

Efficient Inventory Management

Outsourcing your injection moulding needs can help you to minimize inventory levels as the injection molding manufacturers have the necessary bulk production capacities and can effectively meet any contingency demands. They also keep sufficient stock of inventory on hand so that you can streamline your inventory reaping all the benefits of Just-in-time (JIT) inventory services!

Strategic Partnering

Partnering with industry experts will ensure streamlining of your manufacturing and inventory process. Transparency and trust will go a long way and a strategic molding partnership can help you save significantly by optimizing each step. ODM Group is a leader amongst injection molding suppliers with its experience, equipment, highly trained personnel and exceptional service. Partnering with ODM will lead to significant savings in time and money, besides streamlining your production process. Call us today for all your manufacturing needs, from design to assembly!

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