Stainless Steel Casting: Advantages Over Other Metals

Posted By: Admin | Date: 04-05-2017

Also known as investment casting or precision casting, stainless steel casting has many advantages. There are multiple applications where it is used exclusively, and some where it can be replaced by other metals but only at a loss of quality.

Most stainless steel casting suppliers also produce other metals, such as iron casting to name one example. There are pros and cons for either choice, but the stainless steel casting process is superior to other metals by a wide variety of factors.

Stainless Steel Casting

The Process is Faster

One such advantage is the extreme precision it allows to achieve. Let’s compare. Once an iron part is cast, there is lots of finishing work to be done, which is virtually unnecessary when casting in steel. The part comes out almost ready to use, after minor surface finishing if any at all.

As a result, production costs are reduced as well as production times. Parts that require little machining after being cast are released and delivered sooner. This can be a considerable bonus in some industries where you depend on quick turnarounds.

One of the other advantages any stainless steel casting supplier will name, is corrosion or more precisely, lack thereof. Iron and other metals will corrode when exposed to water or humidity if not treated and/or rigorously maintained. When you have precision parts such as pumps, valves or similar components, corrosion may be a major problem.

Cost for Value

As mentioned above, the cost of this choice is also lower. It is correct that the stainless steel casting process costs more initially. The cost is reduced hover, by the lack of need for heavy part finishing (and the material loss it entails), as well as by another major factor - part longevity.

The durability of steel cast parts is exceptional and far exceeds that of other metals and alloys. When you may save on purchasing iron cast parts in the short term, you can be sure of a more considerable loss in the long run. A loss you can save by choosing steel casting.

Variety of Materials

While iron and other metals have different grades, stainless steel castings come in a far greater variety. There are different types of steel to serve different purposes, making it possible to choose a steel type that matches your needs exactly. Temperature resistance, surface strength, flexibility, and other factors may differ as the client dictates.

If you are looking for a stainless steel casting supplier with a wide variety of products and a customer-centered approach, call us today. We have everything you need. And if we don’t have it, we’ll make it for you.

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