Stainless Steel Coil Tubing Versus Typical Metal Tubing

Posted By: Admin | Date: 19-04-2018

When it comes to stainless steel coil tubing and more conventional metal tubing, there are some similarities. At the same time, these two types of tubes have several distinct differences. To ensure that you select the correct solution, whether you’re using tubing as part of your manufacturing process or for the products you make for customers, you need to know what separates the two.

For example, the information provided below compares stainless steel to carbon steel used for tubing. While stainless steel contains a minimum of 10 percent chromium, carbon steel is a combination of carbon and iron. Both of these materials might also contain unmeasured amounts or traces of other substances. While low carbon contains less than 0.3 percent carbon, high carbon has as much as 2 percent.

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Benefits of a Stainless Steel Sheet or Coil Over Metal

The following are the primary benefits of stainless steel versus metal (carbon steel) for manufacturing tubing.

  1. Stainless steel resists rust, while carbon steel is vulnerable. Even when subjected to moisture or used to transport water, tubing made from stainless steel will retain its rust-free appearance for years. With a rust-free product, there is no risk of water or ground contamination.
  2. Stainless steel is not as brittle as carbon steel, making it a perfect choice for tubing. As a strong material, stainless steel resists damage like extreme weather, tree roots, and even human error that affects other materials.
  3. Compared to more conventional metal, manufacturers can make stainless steel tubing in smaller diameters. Overall, the mass flow rate is higher per diameter than with other materials, which can save you money.
  4. When aesthetics matter, stainless steel is the better choice because this material has a more modern and sleek appearance. Whether made from a stainless steel sheet or coil, you can hide tubing or leave it exposed.
  5. Both stainless steel and metal tubing is recyclable, which is a primary concern of many organizations in today’s world.
  6. As for durability, tubing made of either metal does not weather. In other words, tubing today will look and function the same way years down the road.

As you can see, there are advantages to a stainless steel product over one made from metal. When you need tubing, instead of choosing randomly, it is vital that you consider trusted stainless steel coiled tubing suppliers. The goal is to select those that deliver an affordable product based on your specifications directly to your door.

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