Surprising Holiday Uses For Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: | Date: 16-12-2021

Custom aluminum extrusions find themselves in our homes, stores, parks, places of work, and virtually anywhere else. This is because they offer several excellent benefits that outweigh traditional methods and processes of extrusion. They can be used to create things like wreaths, wind chimes, and snowflakes.With custom aluminum extrusions, manufacturers can save money on cost, seamlessly create complex shape profiles, improve the functionality of modern architectural processes, and, importantly, save the environment from carbon release. 

OD Metals, one of North America’s top aluminum extrusion suppliers, provides customized extrusions fit for a variety of uses. Find exactly what you need, for even the most unique applications when you work with OD Metals. 

Qualities of Aluminum Extrusions and Why They're Chosen Over Other Extrusions

aluminum extrusion suppliersThere are many properties that make aluminum extrusions ideal for manufacturing. Two primary reasons are that they do not rust or corrode like steel and iron. They can also be easily painted or powder coated to match your desired color and perform even better. Aluminum is also highly resistant to fire damage, making it a popular choice for fireproofing. There are many aluminum extrusion suppliers; nevertheless, OD metals is a trusted supplier for all your fabricating needs if you care about quality. 

Below is a highlight of essential qualities of aluminum extrusions you should know

Cost-effective and Seamless 

Using custom aluminum extrusions for forming and shaping metal profiles can save you production costs. Regardless of the metal's cross-section complexity, Aluminum extrusion makes it seamless, doesn't alter the uniformity of the extruder, and is inexpensive. In contrast, this isn't the same for alternative materials. Alternative materials are pretty expensive, and the application processes are high.   

Strength to Weight ratio

Aluminum's high ratio of strength makes it ideal for major industrial applications. Typically, aluminum can replace metals of heavier mass without loss in durability. And added to its strength density, it offers significant weight reduction - a quality that makes it a perfect option for most industries, including aerospace, marine, transportation, and automotive.


Aluminum's flexibility makes it excellent for diverse manufacturing uses. Aluminum has a blend of qualities suitable for major design processes such as casting, melting, rolling, forging, machining, extrusion, and a whole range of design options. You can virtually customize aluminum into any shape of choice and still achieve the desired functionality and aesthetics. 


Naturally, aluminum extrusions are environmentally friendly. They are decomposable and energy-saving. Aluminum extrusions can be recycled into new products continually without loss of their integrity. This makes them highly sustainable and the metal of preference for manufacturing a wide range of products. Notably, recycling aluminum extrusions can reduce the number of carbon footprints in the atmosphere. 

Resistant to Corrosion

Unlike other alternative materials, aluminum extrusions are strong against oxidation. This is due to their possession of a natural thin oxide layer firmly attached to their surface. This layer makes them impermeable, water-repellant, and resistant to rust. 

Electrical Conductivity

Aluminum extrusions are excellent for conducting electricity, and because of their superconductivity, most engineers and manufacturers find them attractive for various industrial processes. Essentially, coppers are known as better conductors. However, aluminum extrusions are particularly cost-effective when compared to coppers. Hence, aluminum comes in handy more than copper to balance cost and conductivity.  

Excellent Structural Strength

Unlike alternative materials, aluminum extrusions can withstand extreme conditions, including high temperature and pressure. At frigid temperatures, alternative materials such as plastic can become flaky. However, cold temperatures make aluminum extrusions solid and stable. And this fact is why the aerospace industry and other industries of long-term performance products choose them as the metal of choice for manufacturing. 

Seamless Fabrication Process

Aluminum extrusions are perfect for fabrication of any kind. They are easy to put together and do not require several assembly steps. Using typical methods such as interlocking, brazing, clinching, and wielding, aluminum extrusions can easily be joined to different materials or other aluminum products.

How Do Aluminum Extrusions Find Their Way into the Holiday Market? 

Over the years, aluminum extrusion suppliers made major advancements, and many manufacturing companies are beginning to lean towards their application in consumer and industrial products. Due to their numerous advantages and benefits, they are virtually helpful in many ways.

Here are some applications of aluminum extrusions and the industries where they are applicable:

  • Retail architecture and aluminum extrusions: Aluminum extrusions are useful in the retail architectural industry, majorly because of their many ornamental elements. For example, door frames are designed using aluminum extrusions - because they offer a glossy finish, are corrosion resistant, and importantly, require no maintenance. Meanwhile, they are also used for making tables, window sections, panels, roofs, and other construction structures.
  • Transportation: In the transportation industry, aluminum extrusions are essential for many purposes. Using them has drastically led to increased fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, most parts and components of transportation products such as cars, boats, and ships are fabricated using aluminum extrusions. You can also recycle them into new structural pieces without losing their quality and functionality. Best of all, the use of aluminum extrusions has made shipping inventory, supply chains, and other manufacturing costs affordable, both to manufacturers and engineers.
  • Home decor: considering their design flexibility, rust resistance, and lightweight properties, aluminum extrusions are best suited for producing furniture, Christmas trees, and other home decors. Usually, design elements such as door silhouettes, locks, washroom & kitchen shelves made from these extrusions are robust, highly water-resistant, and environmentally sustainable. This fact is why they are ideal for use around the home.

OD Metals: Your Trusted Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

Ready to take the plunge for this year's ugly holiday sweater? How about stringing up some custom aluminum extrusions ornaments on the tree? It turns out, OD Metals is one of your trusted aluminum extrusion suppliers. Ultimately, it's essential to use custom aluminum extrusions for your architectural designs, home decoration, transportation needs, and holiday decoration. However, when you are unsure of a reliable aluminum extrusion supplier for your design needs, OD Metals can help. 

Contact the OD Metals team to learn more about custom aluminum extrusions for your applications.

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