The Applications of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles in Different Industries

Posted By: Admin | Date: 28-07-2019

In layman’s terms, aluminum extrusion profiles consist of finished parts, components, and products made when an extrusion machine forces molten material through a shaped opening of a die. As the material emerges, it comes out as an elongated piece. The profile is identical to the die opening through which it just passed.

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles


Some businesses work directly with aluminum extrusion companies. However, there are several advantages of going through a supplier instead. For one thing, this creates an opportunity to build a more intimate business relationship. As a result, the customer has the assurance of always receiving products that meet both specifications and tight tolerances. Also, a trusted supplier of custom aluminum extrusions provides superior-quality finished products while saving them money at the same time.

Applications Using Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

The following are a few examples of applications for custom aluminum extrusions. It’s important to remember that there are many more.

  1. Framing components

  2. Tracking

  3. Hinges

  4. Bolt Slots

  5. Decorative design elements

  6. Tubing

  7. Screw points

  8. Heat sinks

With so much diversity, top-of-the-line aluminum extrusion companies ensure that suppliers have what their customers need. The list of industries that rely on aluminum extrusion profiles is quite lengthy. The list includes restaurant and service, agricultural, electronics, and construction industries. Others are the hospitality, transportation, and military and defense sectors.

See the benefits that custom aluminum extrusions bring to the automotive industry as a perfect example. Considering this material is lightweight yet strong, it replaces heavier metals that were commonly used. This makes automobiles lighter, which in turn makes them more affordable. As a result, this industry provides consumers with better-quality vehicles but without spending as much money.

Top Benefits

Aluminum extrusion profiles offer a host of unique benefits compared to other metals. Apart from being lightweight and strong, this material is an excellent conductor of heat and cold. For that reason, extruded parts and components make an excellent choice over copper.

In addition, because this material has a naturally occurring oxide film, aluminum extrusion companies can offer a variety of finishing techniques. Some of these include powder-coating, painting, and anodizing.

Something else worth noting is that custom extrusion profiles are non-magnetic. This makes them ideal for applications involving high voltage. For that reason, manufacturers of computers and other electronics use them regularly. These profiles are non-sparking as well, making them a safe choice when used in environments with flammables.

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