The Benefits of Powder Coating Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Posted By: | Date: 10-06-2021

While there are countless variations of custom aluminum extrusions, there are also numerous finishes that can be applied to the extrusion itself. These finishes are designed to influence the appearance, performance, and longevity of the finished custom extrusion.

Clearly, each finish will have a different purpose, and each finish is designed to satisfy a precise construction specification. The key is to work with an aluminum expert who can recommend the appropriate finish for the application, along with the appropriate benefits.

Mechanical Finish

Aluminum can be buffed, polished, or ground to improve surface quality or prepare for a finish.


The aluminum is specially treated with materials that further enhance powder or paint adhesion.

Bright Dipping

Bright dipping will give the aluminum a "mirror" finish and can also provide corrosion resistance.


An electrochemical process that provides added corrosion protection (accepts vibrant colors).

Liquid Paint

These paint coatings (often VOCs) come in numerous colors providing a uniform film thickness.

Powder Coating

Using a special oven process, powder coatings cause solid particles to fuse together as a film.

Deciding on an aluminum extrusion finish

Whatever the project application, aluminum extrusions are increasingly becoming integral to a project. Choosing the most appropriate finish ensures that custom aluminum extrusions end up with the specified appearance and the most effective corrosion resistance.

While all finishing options have their own advantages, a reputable aluminum supplier can be beneficial in recommending the right finish for the job. Powder coating, for example, has many benefits to offer and many good reasons to consider as a finishing option.

How the Powder Coating Process Works

Powder coating is a process that sprays electrostatically charged paint (as a powder) onto a custom aluminum extrusion. Unlike conventional liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent. As such, the surface of an extrusion must be pre-treated appropriately.

Following proper cleaning and pre-treatment, a technician sprays a powder coat using a special electrostatic spray gun. The "positive charge" allows the powder coat to bond with the surface of the aluminum extrusion. It's then time to send the extrusion to a curing oven.

The oven-baking process causes the powder coat to uniformly melt for a consistent coating. Once the extrusion is "baked," the technician allows the extrusion to cool off under the proper conditions. At this point, the aluminum extrusion has a smooth, hard coating.

The Benefits of Choosing Powder Coating

Custom aluminum extrusions can benefit from any number of finishes, but for any project, the key is to choose the benefits that best satisfy the needs of the project and the specifications that were prescribed by the architect, designer or builder.

When a building specification requires bright colors or unique textures, then powder coating is one of the better options to choose from. This finish is also more environmentally friendly than liquid paint finishes.

The fact remains – powder coating has numerous advantages over many of the other finishes.

  • the finish is smooth throughout with countless color choices
  • this is an affordable finish, more cost-effective than paint
  • the finish is highly durable and highly resistant to corrosion
  • powder coating is low maintenance and doesn't chip easily

Powder coating is environmentally friendly

One of the primary reasons that powder coating is a preferable option over other finishes is that no solvents or Volatile Organic Compounds are used. This makes for much less damage to the environment during the spraying process.

More than that, the waste material that comes from powder coating is not hazardous. Powder coating produces very little waste because any over-sprayed powder is typically collected and reused. This is inherently cost-effective.

When compared to the anodizing option, powder coating offers a more broad range of colors.And while anodizing gives off an "aluminum" look, powder coating allows for a wide variety of bright hues and even unique textures.

What are Powder-Coated Extrusions Typically Used For? 

Whether you should choose a powder-coated finish for aluminum extrusions over other finishes such as pain or anodizing depends highly on the extrusion's application. Powder finishes are typically found in aluminum extrusions in outdoor equipment and architecture, including roofs and machinery like tractors and golf carts. 

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