Important Aluminum Extrusions Applications

Posted By: | Date: 13-01-2023

Custom aluminum extrusions are versatile component parts that are used in assembly processes across many industries in North America. Aluminum extrusions are manufactured through a specialized process where high-quality aluminum alloys are forced through custom or standard die open to produce long openings suited to your particular need. With custom aluminum extrusion suppliers, dies are custom shaped according to the specifications of your application. Offshore Direct Metals is a leading supplier of aluminum extrusions, helping manufacturers and assembly plants access premium component parts. 

Aluminum extrusions can be found far and wide, but there are some industries and applications where you will almost always encounter aluminum extrusions. Read on to learn about custom aluminum extrusion applications and to determine if they’re right for your industry. 

Aluminum Extrusions in Construction & Architecture

custom aluminum extrusionsOne of the most popular uses of aluminum extrusions is in door and window systems. They are found elsewhere around residential properties and in greater frequency with more modern home designs. Custom aluminum extrusions are often used around glass shower doors, internal or external railings, pool enclosures, fencing systems and more. The durability and flexibility of aluminum, makes custom aluminum extrusions great for heavy use and longevity. 

Transportation with Custom Extrusions

Durability and resilience to the elements is critical in the transportation industry. Whether you’re manufacturing cars for the average person or transport trucks, custom aluminum extrusions must be able to withstand varying weather conditions and extensive use. Aluminum extrusions are used in a variety of applications, including trims, frames, battery boxes and much more. The use of aluminum in transportation vehicles and throughout the industry is favored because of its strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. Instead of rusting after extended exposure to the elements, aluminum develops a natural aluminum oxide coating which enhances its protection from corrosion. Because custom aluminum extrusions are lightweight and not excessively heavy, they can be used to create strong, fast moving vehicles. 

Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Electronics 

While custom aluminum extrusions are often thought of in large buildings and industries, they can also be found in smaller applications in electronic devices. Aluminum offers excellent thermal protection and conductivity. It is also a non-sparking and non-magnetic metal which makes it great for electrical systems. Because of its many benefits, custom aluminum extrusions are used widely including laptops, power bars, heat sinks, cell phones, conduits, LED strip lights, metallic enclosures, and more.  

Aircraft & Military Applications

Custom aluminum extrusions are also used in the production of aircrafts and military equipment. In these applications, one of the leading benefits of aluminum extrusions is their ability to be customized and its low maintenance requirements, because aluminum lasts virtually forever and performs well in extreme conditions such as cold temperatures or excessive heat. Aluminum extrusions are used in military transportation, helicopters, planes, mobile hospital tents, and even the International Space Station. 

Ordering Custom Aluminum Extrusions

The importance and relevance of aluminum extrusions across important applications within a variety of industries, including aerospace, retail, medical, hospitality, consumer goods and others are undeniable. With the right custom aluminum extrusion supplier, you can get the best quality and design for your needs. 

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