Uses of Aluminum Extrusions

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When it comes to building and construction materials, custom aluminum extrusions are truly a unique product. These extrusions are fabricated by “force-feeding” aluminum alloy materials into a custom die to produce a customized cross-sectional profile.

what are aluminum extrusion uses

While manufacturing is technically advanced, extruded aluminum is similar to squeezing dental toothpaste out of a tube. At Offshore Direct Metals, we provide a wide range of finished custom aluminum extrusions to architects, engineers, builders, and various manufacturers.


Offshore Direct Metals provides finished extrusions in fully customized shapes, angles, and/or channels. And today, we find many more end-users realizing the benefits and advantages of our products. We also supply customers with the highest quality aluminum plate products.


Because the team at OD Metals is specialized, we take the risk and guesswork out of ordering aluminum extrusions and aluminum plates. More than that, we do everything from end to end so that customers have little to worry about when considering out-sourcing their needs.


Common Items Made With Aluminum Extrusions


The range of products and applications associated with aluminum extrusions is huge. In the transportation industry, extrusions are used in automobiles, aircraft, and even spacecraft. In the building supply industry, extrusions are used in roofing, eavestroughs, and wall partitions.


As for household applications, aluminum extrusion products are used in kitchen appliances, home electronics, and a host of hardware products. Outdoor applications are particularly well suited because the aluminum itself can withstand summer/winter weather extremes.


Even in the sporting goods sector, aluminum extrusions are widely used – everything from fitness equipment, to archery sets, to recreational bicycles, to sports equipment. All of these aluminum products can be effectively and efficiently recycled and re-manufactured at the end of life.


Choosing the Experts at Offshore Direct Metals 


Choosing a good extrusion supplier is critical for business success. OD Metals is recognized internationally for quality products, prompt delivery schedules, and the most competitive pricing. Operating globally, OD Metals services a huge range of industries around the world.


At OD Metals, our clients expect optimal manufacturing flexibility, which is what we deliver with our aluminum extrusion products. We deal with architects, engineers, and designers, delivering products that outperform our competition (especially when dealing with large quantities).


Offshore Direct Metals offers Floor-to-Door logistics. This is the most cost-efficient approach for shipping and delivery, significantly reducing overhead costs for our customers. We can also offer our Stock-and-Release program (includes warehousing) for customers who require it.


Aluminum Plate Products Also From OD Metals


OD Metals is one of the leading aluminum plate suppliers in the world. We have established very strong business relationships with many of the best aluminum suppliers, allowing us to deliver the highest quality aluminum products right to every customer’s door.


OD Metals doesn’t depend on a “cookie-cutter” process to satisfy customers. We customize every customer order according to exacting specifications. Our aluminum plate products deliver optimal strength, corrosion protection, and high durability performance.


Offshore Direct Metals provides aluminum plates that range in thickness from 1 inch to 6 inches. We offer various options for alloys, depending on the specific product attributes that are required. Bottom line, we will find a solution to satisfy the needs best.


Offshore Direct Metals Does it From End to End


Besides high-quality products and on-time deliveries, OD Metals offers a level of personalized service unparalleled in the industry. Because we have well-established partnerships with leading extrusion mills in Southeast Asia, we’re able to accommodate demanding customer expectations.


Our international mill partners are leaders in the industry. They offer the most advanced extrusion presses, oxidation production lines, and electrophoresis systems. Our mills can deliver an unlimited range of custom extrusion profiles to meet our industry customers’ growing need.


OD Metals combines product knowledge and logistics experience to satisfy customers around the world. We have built a highly reliable network of suppliers and partners who all meet our high standard of quality. As such, we can assure just-in-time shipping and the best competitive prices.


Custom Aluminum Extrusions from OD Metals


OD Metals has established a “supply and demand” business model that enables end-users to reduce overhead costs while improving gross profit. Our approach to product sourcing helps each of our customers to grow their business year after year.


When it comes to customer service, we continually reinforce existing business relationships while creating long-lasting partnerships. From custom aluminum extrusions to aluminum plates, our primary focus is always on satisfying customer needs.


Our aluminum products provide a level of manufacturing flexibility that’s practically unattainable with other conventional fabrication methodologies. That’s how we satisfy the demanding needs of architects, designers, and engineers around the world.


To find out more about OD Metals and inquire about our vast range of customized aluminum products, call one of our in-house specialists at 1-855-272-3889 or visit our company website We’ll help you to assess your specific needs, and we’ll be able to provide you with manufacturing options that are viable, practical, and cost-effective all at the same time.

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