What Are Rod & Tube Extrusions?

Posted By: | Date: 14-10-2022

Extrusions are a component used in manufacturing in a variety of industries and applications, many of which are encountered unknowingly in your day-to-day life. Tailored to their unique use, aluminum and custom plastic extrusions are made by forcing the desired material through a custom die to produce a specific shape or profile. Plastic and aluminum extrusion suppliers offer custom options so manufacturers can source components that meet the exact demands of the application. 

Offshore Direct Metals is a leading plastic and aluminum extrusion supplier in North America, providing high-quality custom plastic extrusion and aluminum extrusion options designed for performance. 

Plastic & Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 

custom plastic extrusionsPlastic and aluminum extrusion suppliers produce extrusions in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Extrusion profiles can be hollow, square, round, long, or even modular. Two common types of custom plastic profiles are rod and tube extrusions. 

Solid Rod Extrusions

Rod extrusions are a category of custom plastic extrusions that can be further divided into circular rods, crescent-shaped rods, square rods, and more. OD Metals, a leading plastic and aluminum custom extrusion supplier in the region, uses high-quality materials to ensure that your products perform well in their designated applications. Solid rod extrusions are often used heavily in the medical industry for catheters and implant devices. They can also be found in machine parts, signs, displays, construction materials, water pipes, play systems, and more.

Tube Extrusions

Tube extrusions are typically made with plastic, but manufacturers will often require tubed aluminum extrusions as well. Compared to rod extrusions, tube extrusions are hollow in the middle. Sometimes they serve as a casing for wires. Other times, tube extrusions are used in decking. Like plastic rod extrusions, high-quality plastic extrusion tubes are also used in medical equipment like IV tubes. 

Plastic extrusion suppliers make tube extrusions very similarly. When manufacturing tube extrusions, plastic beads are melted and forced through a custom die based on the shape specified by the customer, but a pin is placed in the centre to create a hollow opening. 

Custom Plastic Extrusion Materials

You can work with OD Metals to select the best extrusion material based on the properties required of your plastic extrusions, be it heat resistance, flexibility, or strength. Custom plastic extrusions are manufactured from polyoxymethylene (acetal), polyimide, nylon, polyethylene, acrylic and others. Where nylon is well-equipped to resist wear, polyethylene is high-density and chemical resistant. 

Talk to the OD Metals team directly to help determine the best material for your custom plastic extrusions. With years of experience as a plastic and aluminum extrusion supplier, we can help you choose the most cost-effective and practical materials for your needs. 

Leading Plastic & Aluminum Extrusion Supplier

Offshore Direct Metals has provided Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean for more than a decade with advanced extrusion solutions. At OD Metals, we always use high-quality materials and meticulous production processes to deliver custom extrusions that perform at high levels and last many years. 

No matter what industry you’re in, OD Metals is the extrusion supplier you’ve been looking for. 

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