Why Aluminum Extrusion is Excellent for Housing Construction

Posted By: Admin | Date: 12-06-2020

For architects, engineers, and builders planning a new construction project, custom aluminum extrusion components should be top-of-mind. Aluminum extrusion components are versatile and functional, while providing aesthetic value for any project.

Aluminum extrusion materials are becoming more and more popular as the advantages and benefits are better recognized. The material is both weatherproof and corrosion resistant and maintains its properties in extreme hot and cold weather.

1. Functionality / Versatility

Custom aluminum extrusion components can be fabricated to fit any project specification. This allows for total versatility, with the capacity to accommodate any size and/or shape required. As such, aluminum extrusion components have become integral in all types of construction projects.

Because aluminum is so versatile, it meets the needs of many building construction requisites – right from window frame systems to roofing superstructures. As a building material, it’s strong yet very lightweight, making it one of the world’s most desirable of modern building materials.

2. Superb Structural Strength

Aluminum’s exceptional structural strength is a big benefit in housing construction. Material strength is easily comparable to steel, yet with one-third of the weight. Simply put, aluminum extrusions will deliver an excellent finished product but without the weight of steel.

Aluminum building components will also maintain their inherent properties in extreme weather conditions. In fact, the material protects a building from cold far better than a conventional brick. Finally, aluminum used in outdoor building components resists the effects of nature.

3. High Corrosion Resistance

Resistance to corrosion is another advantage of aluminum – a good reason why this material is particularly optimal for building and housing construction. The alloys that comprise aluminum are corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, and immune to the negative effects of UV rays.

Aluminum is also considered highly energy efficient, making it an attractive option in today’s building construction environment. In LEED-certified buildings (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), aluminum has won numerous awards throughout the country.

4. Enhanced Aesthetic Design

Extruded aluminum building materials offer unlimited potential to incorporate unique design features in a construction project. Virtually any design feature can be integrated into a project, simply because of the unlimited flexibility that’s offered by the aluminum extrusion process.

Aluminum’s surface can also be finished to enhance the aesthetic design of a project. Painting and anodizing are two of the most common finishes employed by architects and designers. The truth is, practically any decorative requirement or aesthetic finish is possible with the aluminum.

5. Recyclability / Reusability

Today, the recyclability and reusability of aluminum is becoming more and more relevant in construction. Many builders are opting for deconstruction instead of demolition, which makes it possible to extract recyclable materials, therefore reducing the cost of dumping in a landfill.

As a building material, aluminum is one of the metals that can be recycled over and over again, and without any compromise to strength or durability. Recycling and reusing aluminum building materials dramatically reduces the negative impact on the environment (and on energy use).

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Products from the Experts at Offshore Direct Metals

OD Metals (Offshore Direct Metals) is an internationally recognized aluminum casting supplier. We can help you to achieve your design goals and meet all of your aluminum extrusion needs. We deliver products that are top quality, yet cost-efficient enough to reduce the cost of your supply. Our overseas sources can provide capabilities to meet even the most demanding of requisites.

•  much better customization

•  lower overall production cost

•  designed for easier assembly

•  easy cutting, bending, drilling

•  high quality control standards

OD Metals has ongoing partnerships with a number of extrusion mills throughout Southeast Asia. The mills are outfitted with modern extrusion presses, oxidation production lines, and powder-coat lines. Our mills can produce a wide range of sizes and shapes, and in unlimited quantities.

For the housing construction segment, our mills can fabricate all manner of custom architectural profiles. It means that architects, designers, and engineers can establish specifications that might not be achievable with other building materials. The benefits and advantages are boundless.

Count on Offshore Direct Metals for All Your Aluminum Extrusion Needs

OD Metals has the product expertise and logistics experience to fully accommodate the housing construction industry. Customers can count on our reliable supply partners to meet the strictest of manufacturing specifications.

Our global platform is super-efficient, ensuring speedy worldwide shipping, while maintaining the most competitive prices. As such, we measurably reduce your supply costs, further allowing you to increase your gross profit.

As a leading plastic injection molding supplier, OD Metals works with the best manufacturers around the world. In addition to aluminum extrusions, we can also provide our customers with plate circles, castings, and CNC machining.

When it comes to responsive customer service, OD Metals offers stock and release programs as well as warehousing – whatever satisfies your needs. Extrusions are always outstanding quality from reputable manufacturers.

Find out more about OD Metals, our products and services, by calling one of our experts at 1-855-272-3889. Or visit our company website at https://odmetals.com for more information. Let us know what you need, and we’ll show you how we can achieve your goals.

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