Why Choose Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Healthcare and Medical Applications

Posted By: | Date: 10-11-2021

Custom aluminum extrusions are being used in more and more industries around the world. And there's a good reason – the materials can be designed and manufactured to satisfy even the most demanding specifications. With the unique needs of healthcare and medical industries, aluminum extrusion suppliers can provide the required products that are needed on an ongoing basis.

Aluminum has the ideal attributes for healthcare and medical applications – it’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant, structurally flexible, highly durable, and very cost-effective. As such, it’s the perfect metal for fabricating equipment, instruments, and even intricate devices. In short, aluminum extrusions can fulfill the demands of all types of industry sectors – from biomedical research to surgical operating rooms.

Aluminum extruded products are far more cost-effective compared to other manufacturing options. The profiles can be fabricated to very tight tolerances, ensuring the precise dimensions that are required for medical components and precision instruments. More than that, aluminum does not off-gas like other materials and every finished product can be disinfected (critical in medical and healthcare).

The Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusions in the Medical Industry 

custom aluminum extrusion suppliersCompared to other fabrications, aluminum easily maintains product quality while effectively reducing development costs. It’s no wonder, then, that so many industry sectors (including the medical industry) are widely accepting this manufacturing approach over other more conventional methods.

Aluminum extruded products have a high strength-to-weight ratio which perfectly suits the needs of medical devices. When the temperature decreases, aluminum stays tough, while steel and plastics will become weak and even breakable. It’s a very desirable attribute for medical and healthcare items.

Another benefit is that aluminum is approximately one-third the weight of steel, one more desirable attribute. Finally, for medical products manufacturers, there are many benefits to having a single extruded aluminum profile that requires no joining but still maintains its strength and durability.

Today, aluminum extrusion suppliers are able to fabricate aluminum alloy products in countless shapes and sizes while still maintaining accurate tolerances. More than that, customization of products requires few production steps, thus making it easier to create components and combine components.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions in the Healthcare Industry 

The fabrication of custom extrusions optimizes the unique physical properties of aluminum. Therefore, it has ideal applications in the healthcare industry. Once manufactured, the finished products are solid, stable, and resilient. And extra strength is assured when the aluminum is alloyed with other metals.

In healthcare, medical equipment manufacturers are able to design products that are light but strong and very cost-effective. More than that, aluminum extrusions allow for a wide range of finishes that suit healthcare industry needs – from radiation equipment to medical instruments to walking frames. 

Compared to other options, aluminum extrusions have a relatively lower price point, allowing for significant cost savings for medical service providers as well as patients. Finally, with the ability to be recycled over and over again, aluminum extrusions have become the best option for the healthcare industry.

The Future and Aluminum Extrusions And Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers

Aluminum extrusion suppliers are constantly developing improved processes, new alloy combinations, and enhanced standards. And as more and more industry sectors realize the benefits of extrusions, the finished products provide expansive design options, better performance, and more versatility.

Whether basic or complex, aluminum extrusions are being widely used in a broad cross-section of industry sectors – like building and construction, automotive and transport, medical and healthcare, and more. Every application benefits from the unique physical properties offered by aluminum.

As for suppliers, they are continually breaking new ground with improved products and processes to satisfy very demanding customer requisites. And while precision and accuracy are already at peak, technological advances are always focused on improving quality and performance going forward.

Working with the Experts at Offshore Direct Metals

As a leading custom extrusion supplier, Offshore Direct Metals specializes in an array of aluminum products for a wide range of industries. Our strength derives from sourcing high-quality products from around the globe and our solid associations with reputable suppliers. As such, we have the capacity to manufacture, ship, and deliver product directly to each customer location.

At OD Metals, we have developed a highly sophisticated “floor-to-door” logistics model. It’s an effective approach that provides customers with a shipping and delivery system that reduces overhead costs substantially while improving their bottom line. In some cases, we also offer our customers “stock-and-release” logistics, which suits specific industries when warehousing is required.

Over the years, our team at Offshore Direct Metals has built ongoing relationships with the leading aluminum suppliers worldwide. Our objective is to fabricate and deliver the highest quality aluminum extrusion products while satisfying the most demanding of customer prerequisites. We are proud of our ongoing efforts to meet the strictest of industry manufacturing standards.

At Offshore Direct Metals, our in-house aluminum professionals provide finished products solely from those suppliers who meet ASTM Standards. In addition, we prefer suppliers with ISO certification. This approach serves to enhance our commitment to quality while ensuring that internationally recognized technical standards will fully satisfy our customers’ needs and specifications.

Call OD Metals to learn more about our custom aluminum extrusions for your project.

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