Why the Thermal Barrier of Aluminum Extrusions Matter

Posted By: Admin | Date: 24-11-2022

Custom aluminum extrusion suppliers agree that when it comes to looking for window frames, there’s one material that comes to your mind – aluminum. But why is this the case? Well, aluminum extrusions offer numerous benefits such as cost-effectiveness and lightweight structure. Also, they are easy to use, enabling engineers and architects to extremely mold them, creating stunning window frame designs. However, aluminum extrusion suppliers and homeowners have identified one key shortcoming of these extrusions - the high ability to conduct heat. Offshore Direct Metals is a supplier of high-quality custom aluminum extrusions designed and engineered for superior performance in a wide range of applications.

Fortunately, the creation of aluminum thermal barriers has changed the industry to a point where you can comfortably use aluminum material for your non-residential windows.

Desirable Properties of Aluminum Extrusions

custom aluminum extrusion suppliersAluminum has several crucial properties that make them a favorite for homeowners and custom aluminum extrusion suppliers. The following are some desirable properties of these extrusions:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Unparalleled thermal conductivity
  • Aluminum is an abundant material
  • They are economical
  • Corrosion resistance

What is a Thermal Barrier?

A thermal barrier makes it possible to use aluminum extrusion in door and window frames. The analogy behind these barriers is that when you use a highly conductive material, like aluminum, you need to set a “thermal break” using a material with less heat conductivity to prevent heat transference. 

These barriers are made from resins that excel at stopping heat gain or loss through the aluminum. The use of thermal barriers has significantly increased among aluminum extrusion suppliers. This trend results from the increased awareness about energy efficiency among manufacturers, government agencies, and regulators. 

Benefits of Thermal Barriers

As previously stated, thermal barriers are integral in reducing heat gain or heat loss through aluminum. Therefore, they help conserve energy and make your door and window frame systems less affected by external temperature. 

Also, they lower the U-value characteristics of the finished door or window system. U-value is the measure of thermal transmittance. It quantifies the heat transfer rate through a structure divided by the temperature difference across the structure. Therefore, a lower U-value implies a better-insulated building. 

Applications in Which a Thermal Barrier is Important

There are several situations where thermal barriers are crucial, such as:

  • When you’re looking to maintain high energy efficiency.
  • When you live in an extremely cold or hot environment – it helps maintain desired room temperature. 
  • Refrigerator doors to manage temperature regualtion

Why Customize Aluminum Extrusions with OD Metals?

There are many custom aluminum extrusion suppliers in the market. However, when choosing an aluminum extrusion supplier, you must go for those who focus on precision and quality. As one of the country’s leading aluminum extrusion suppliers, OD metals has the built-in capacity to deliver quality finished products and ship them anywhere within the state and beyond, thanks to our streamlined logistics. 

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