Working with the Eco-Friendly Material of Aluminum Coils

Posted By: Admin | Date: 27-05-2016

When manufacturing aluminum foil thinner than 0.006 inches thick or aluminum sheet between 0.006 and 0.070 inches thick, you can be sure that the process includes aluminum coils. These unique coils are made from a continuous strip of aluminum material, which is then coiled up into a roll.

Key Benefits of Aluminum Coils

Aluminum coil production offers many benefits. For instance, this type of coil is extremely lightweight yet heavy-duty. Aluminum coil suppliers also coat the surface with a protective oxide. This anodizing process makes the coils corrosion-resistant. Therefore, the coils can easily withstand harsh elements, putting them in high demand for a variety of industries and applications.

Although other materials, including copper and steel, are extremely strong and durable, aluminum coils have many advantages. For example, aluminum costs approximately 50% less than copper. In addition, the weight and density of an aluminum coil is roughly a third less than steel. As a result, shipping costs for manufactured parts and components are significantly reduced.

When these coils replace other metals in production, there is a cost savings for the end user. For example, if condensation coils used in air conditioning systems are made from aluminum, the systems become more affordable. For many people, this can be the difference in staying cool or struggling through a hot summer.

Of course, aluminum coil production reaches well beyond HVAC. One of the largest users of these coils in America is the transportation industry, accounting for as much as 30% of coil production. Modern-day cars are built with nearly 275 pounds of aluminum. In fact, some luxury automakers use aluminum sheeting for the entire vehicle body.

Aluminum coil suppliers are also busy keeping up with demand from the construction industry. For trimming out homes, aluminum has become a top choice. Not only are coils made from aluminum easy to work with and highly versatile, when anodized using decorative oxide, they come in different color options. Therefore, the aluminum becomes aesthetically pleasing.

Best of all, aluminum coils can be recycled, making this material environmentally friendly. What makes aluminum unique is that it can be recycled multiple times. Ultimately, aluminum is beneficial to everyone.

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