Offshore Direct Difference

You have probably thought about it before. Perhaps after reading about the opportunities businesses are taking advantage of by sourcing overseas.

Questions like these.....

  • Q Should I try to import myself?
  • Q I wonder what the process is like?
  • Q What about all the paperwork?
  • Q What about the language difference?
  • Q Do I need to worry about the exchange rate?
  • Q How and when will I communicate with my supplier?
  • Q How long does it take?
  • Q Who will handle the shipping?
  • Q What about the import tariffs?
  • Q Do I need to have someone in-country working for me?

Aluminum Profiles, Discs and Aluminum Castings

OffShore Direct takes allaluminum profiles discs those questions away. We have been in the business of importing quality aluminum from overseas, reducing the cost of supply and therefore, increasing the gross profit of our customers for many years now. We present our customers with the opportunity to grow their business by improving their sourcing and we do so providing personalized service every time.

If your business is interested in taking advantage of reducing your cost of supply by sourcing globally and willing to do so by ordering by the container, then you should contact us so we can start helping you increase your gross profit.

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