Custom aluminum extrusions are widely used by industries around the world – but they’re particularly important in the building and construction industry. If your current project requires custom aluminum extrusions in Florida, then it's essential to match your needs with a reliable and reputable aluminum extrusion supplier in Florida.

staircase in florida custom aluminum extrusionsAluminum extrusions are an ideal material for a wide range of construction applications. It’s mainly because aluminum is so strong, resilient, and corrosion-resistant. More than that, aluminum provides optimal design flexibility during manufacturing – for HVAC systems, roofing components, and even structural support.

For architects, aluminum extrusions provide a sleek and modern look much desired in many building projects. The beauty, of course, is that extrusions can be customized to perfectly suit prescribed requirements and specifications. The process from start to finish is very cost-effective compared with other similar building materials.

For durable strength, structural integrity, and product versatility, nothing quite compares with custom aluminum extrusions in Florida. As such, the state’s building and construction industry benefits significantly from the countless application possibilities.

  • Aluminum Stairways 
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Aluminum Curtain Walls
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Aluminum Handles
  • Aluminum Moldings
  • Aluminum Handrails

With aluminum, building materials take on a whole new dimension. This unique metal has a very high strength-to-weight ratio – it’s perfect where temperature fluctuations are present – and the finished material requires minimal maintenance. For the best outcomes, it’s important to work with a reliable aluminum extrusion supplier in Florida.

For Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Florida You Can Count on Offshore Direct Metals 

The key to project success is to work with an established and experienced aluminum supplier. Offshore Direct Metals is known throughout the industry for high-quality products, on-time shipping, and competitive pricing. We service industries around the world and routinely work closely with architects, designers, and engineers.

If you’re looking for finished aluminum products that will outperform other construction options, ODM can provide the manufacturing flexibility to meet your most demanding needs. This is particularly true when we deal with large volume orders. Best of all, you’ll benefit from our floor-to-door logistics – the most cost-effective approach.

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