Custom Aluminium Extrusions Supplier Florida, USA 

We are here at OD Metals to provide you with the service of Custom Aluminium Extrusions to meet the specific qualifications that you need for your company. Custom Aluminium Extrusions are extrusions produced from aluminum alloys and manufactured based on the customer's requirements.

If you are looking for the best extrusions for your Industrial or residential industry, OD Metals is the best custom aluminum extrusions supplier in Florida, USA. We would assist you in designing a custom aluminum casting to your exact needs. 


Types of Aluminum Extrusions 

While the profiles and dies used by custom aluminum extrusions in Florida can be custom-tailored to your project, there are 3 main extrusion profiles, each of which is suited to a different type of installation. 

  1. Solid Aluminum Extrusions: These extrusions have no cavities or openings. As the name suggests, this extrusion profile is a solid bar or rectangle with tabs used to attach them during installation. 
  2. Hollow Aluminum Extrusions: Hollow extrusions are produced with an opening in the middle or cavities throughout the metal. Sometimes hollow extrusions are used when less material is required, reducing custom aluminum extrusion costs. 
  3. Semi-Hollow Aluminum Extrusions: These extrusions are a mix of the two other profiles, where custom aluminum extrusions feature some spaces that are partially enclosed. 

Customizing with Aluminum Extrusion Suppliers in Florida

To get the best performance and fit out of your aluminum extrusions, you can customize the following with Offshore Direct Metals.

  • Size, Shape & Dimensions
  • Construction Angle
  • Metal Alloy
  • Extrusion Ratio & Tab Ratio
  • Tolerance
  • Weight Index

Start customizing your aluminum extrusions with Offshore Direct Metals. Contact us today.

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

  • Low Production Costs: When you’re manufacturing materials and products en masse, custom aluminum extrusions are a cost-effective solution. When you choose Offshore Direct Metals, a leading custom aluminum extrusion supplier in Florida, you can count on high-quality materials and a reasonable price. 
  • Custom Design & Finishes: We are your reliable custom aluminum extrusion supplier offering versatile productions that fit your needs perfectly. You can work directly with our teams to tailor custom aluminum extrusions in Florida to the specifications of any application and a variety of industries for the optimal performance. 
  • High-Quality Materials: Aluminum is a highly-sought after metal for component parts because of its many advantages. Primarily, custom aluminum extrusions are a great choice because they are corrosion-resistant. Where iron or ferrous metals produce rust, aluminum creates a protective coating, aluminum oxide, when exposed to oxygen, which prevents damage rather than inducing it. 
  • Weight-to-Strength Ratio: Aluminum is a durable metal that is not heavy which gives custom aluminum extrusions in Florida an ideal weight-to-strength ratio allowing custom aluminum extrusion suppliers to produce relatively lightweight components that don’t interfere with or weigh-down applications.
  • Safe Metal Choice: Depending on the environment in which they’re being applied, aluminum extrusions in Florida are non-sparking, non-toxic, and non-combustible, making them safe for a variety of uses across many industries, whether there is water, electricity, or even explosives.
  • Sustainability: Aluminum used in custom aluminum extrusions can be recycled infinitely. As a result, aluminum extrusion suppliers in Florida and other manufacturers do not have to rely on environmentally-straining processes such as mining to extract more metal.

We offer various types of composition variations enabling immense potential and that too at cost-effective rates for modern industrial applications. At OD Metals, the aluminum extrusions can also be recycled without debasement of their inherent properties. You can get a variety of shapes of custom aluminum castings to dispense many machining operations.


Industries that Benefit from Custom Aluminum Extrusions in Florida

Because of their wide range of benefits, custom aluminum extrusions in Florida are used in a wide variety of industries. Everything from radiator enclosures to body and frame components, cylinder liners, and drive shafts are designed from aluminum extrusions. Aluminum extrusions are majorly used in different types of automobiles like boats, bikes, cars, etc. It not only covers the exterior parts of an automobile but also the fasteners and the internal framework are finalized with aluminum extrusions. Some popular industries in Florida that use high-quality aluminum extrusions from Offshore Direct Metals include: 

  • Marine & Fishing Industry 
  • Medical & Health Industry 
  • Retail Industry 
  • Automative Industry
  • Construction & Architecture Industry

Why Choose Offshore Direct Metals

OD Metals provides you with the best tooling costs that are unobtrusive in correlation with different cycles, making it a cost-effective solution. We provide custom aluminum castings of high strength, dimensional stability, superior finishing, recyclability, and good strength to weight ratio and stiffness. Overall, OD Metals provides the highest quality of custom aluminum extrusions.

Being the top custom aluminum extrusion supplier, we ensure that your investment gets worthy results. Our company offers a comprehensive range of competencies to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, which allows our clients to make long-lasting relationships with us. You may contact OD Metals for cutting-edge custom aluminum extrusions anytime. Undoubtedly, we are ranked as the best custom aluminum extrusion supplier for our reliable and affordable services.

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