Offshore Direct Metals is a global B2B trading company of custom aluminum extrusions in New York and surrounding areas. We supply custom aluminum extrusions to multiple industries in New York which not only reduces the machining time but also, the weight and scrap. Examples of industries In New York that have benefited aluminum extrusion products include window & doors, industrial & residential architecture, automotive, healthcare, construction, and many more. The benefits include:

  • Fast manufacturing of the final products, while cutting down material waste
  • Manufacturing of consistent product as per requirement
  • Exclusive control over your design
  • Reduced waste and labor cost.

No matter what your requirement is, from a simple shape to a complex hollow design, or highly custom aluminum extrusion profile, Offshore Direct Metals can extrude it.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Process

Based on your requirement, a custom die is crafted with a distinct cross-sectional profile. The custom components are then pushed through the die to design your extrusion in the desired shape and dimensions using the latest imaging software and CAD. Finally, to deburr the extrusion, the custom components are finely finished to provide a surface ready for coating. This process helps to create complex cross-sections that are uniform all over the extruded material and produces according to the specifications and tolerances.

For more information on our products and services, please visit our Custom Aluminum Extrusions page under Products.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design ProcessCustom Aluminum Extrusion Fabrication ProcessCustom Aluminum Extrusion Powder Coating ProcessCustom Aluminum Extrusion Anodizing & Finishes

Why Choose Offshore Direct Metals?

Offshore Direct Metals have worked for years to integrate and expand services, in order to offer customers in New York and the surrounding areas, the best products & services and be an integral link in the supply chain for customers. We use customized approach and state-of-art technology, to adjust to the rapidly changing environment of contract manufacturing and can deliver your toughest custom aluminum extrusion requirements.

For a custom quote on custom aluminum extrusions in New York and surrounding areas, please contact us or call 1-855-272-3889. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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