Aluminum Design and Fabrication

OD Metals


Our team will work with you to design your extrusion to the exact shape and dimension you need using the latest CAD and Imaging software. Let us help you with your custom extrusion project.

OD Metals


Whether it is simply drilling, punching or complex CNC machining our team can help take your concept from the drawing board to a ready component.

OD Metals

Powder Coating

Benefit from our experience. We'll be able to assist you in matching and existing color, selecting a new color, and determining the right process to use for the coating of your particular project.

OD Metals

Anodizing & other Finishes

The process of anodizing does 2 things: adds a decorative coating and it also protects your extrusion or flat-rolled product. Our team will help you determine which finish will best protect your metal.

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