Benefits of PVC Plastic Extrusions in Florida

Posted By: | Date: 25-08-2022

Plastic extrusion companies in Florida are responsible for many of the standard, seemingly unremarkable fixtures found in our everyday world. While plastic extrusions may not stand out immediately, they are instrumental to some of the most critical industries and infrastructure in Florida. One of the essential products is PVC extrusions. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is one of the top 3 most produced plastic polymers in the world because of its many desirable qualities. Offshore Direct Metals is your go-to plastic extrusion supplier in Florida and across North America for high-quality PVC plastic extrusions. 

Where are PVC Plastic Extrusions Used? 

plastic extrusion companies FloridaPlastic extrusion suppliers provide PVC extrusions for many applications, including windows and doors, seals, irrigation systems, refrigeration, hoses, and most notably, plumbing and fittings. The popularity of PVC among plastic extrusion companies in Florida, manufacturers, and builders is for a good reason. PVC plastic extrusions offer many advantages, especially when compared to other plastic polymers. 

Here are some benefits of PVC plastic extrusions in Florida. 


Where cleanliness is of the utmost importance, like with medical equipment and IV tubings, PVC plastic extrusions are easy to clean. The PVC material is resistant to bacteria, reducing the risk of bacterial infections in health care. 

Versatile (Flexible or Rigid)

Plastic extrusion suppliers have the option to choose from rigid PVC or flexible PVC to better suit the application for which the extrusions are intended. Rigid PVC (RPVC) is suited to construction related applications such as doors and pipes, whereas flexible PVC (FPVC) is used more in tubings and hoses when flexibility is required. 

Durable & Fire Resistant 

One of the most sought-after qualities of any construction or manufacturing component is durability. PVC is engineered to withstand a wide range of conditions. In addition to being fire-resistant, PVC plastic extrusions can last up to 20 years in some applications. Because of its longevity, roofers and plumbers opt for PVC from their plastic extrusion company in Florida.


Despite its high-quality performance, PVC plastic extrusions are a low-cost material. It is made even more cost-effective by its longevity, reducing the number of times PVC materials need to be replaced or repaired. 


Sustainable materials are increasingly important in today’s day and age. More businesses are shifting to green initiatives to show their commitment to a positive environmental impact. PVC plastic extrusions are a great move in that direction because of their ability to be reused, preventing more waste to be added to landfills or the ocean. 

Custom Plastic Extrusion Supplier in Florida

At Offshore Direct Metals, a top plastic extrusion company in Florida, we provide custom plastic extrusions. Using custom dies, we will help you find the perfect plastic fittings, tubes, hoses, and more for your application.

Contact us to learn more about ordering plastic extrusions.

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