Custom Aluminum Sheet Applications

Posted By: | Date: 31-03-2023

Aluminum is a versatile and durable metal that is popular across various industries. When sourced from leading aluminum sheet suppliers, these components can be customized to the needs of your specific application for optimal performance. At Offshore Direct Metals, a leading supplier of aluminum sheets throughout the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, you can source high-quality sheets designed to perform in your specific industry application. 

What Are Aluminum Sheets?

Aluminum sheets are flat sheets made from aluminum alloys. Aluminum sheet suppliers customize the dimensions and properties of these metal sheets to meet the needs of your application, from thickness, width, and length to finishes. Generally, aluminum sheets are made via a rolling process, where aluminum alloys are passed through two rollers to form a thin sheet. 

Why Aluminum Sheets are Valuable

Aluminum sheets are valuable in many industries because of the many benefits they offer and performance advantages. Primarily, aluminum sheets are lightweight which means they can easily be handled and transported. Because aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant, aluminum sheets are a beneficial material option because they do not rust, compared to ferrous metals which degrade from oxidation. Aluminum is also highly durable, offering exceptional thermal resistance. Because of their flexibility and lightweight properties, aluminum sheets can be cut, welded, or formed with different shapes and sizes with ease compared to more stiff metals sheets like steel.

How are Aluminum Sheets Used?

At Offshore Direct Metals, customers seek us out to produce aluminum sheets for various applications. Our leading aluminum sheet suppliers and manufacturers produce high-quality products that excel in a variety of applications. Aluminum sheets can be used in many different industries including the following:

  • Aerospace industry: In the aerospace industry, aluminum sheets are favoured for their thermal resistance where they can be used in the creation of both aircraft and spacecraft components including wings, engines, and more. 
  • Automotive industry: Aluminum sheets used heavily in the automotive industry also because of their durability and flexibility. Often used in structural parts of a car or vehicle, the lightweight metal sheet is used in hoods, the frame, and the body of the car as well as other areas. 
  • Construction industry: Used in both residential and commercial construction, aluminum sheets are preferred for their weather-resistance, durability, and ease of installation. In the construction industry, aluminum sheets can be found in roofing, wall panels, and more. 
  • Electronics industry: Aluminum sheets are used in the electronics industry to produce heat sinks, which dissipate heat from electronic components. Aluminum is preferred in the electronics industry because it is an excellent conductor of heat.
  • Packaging industry: Aluminum sheets are used in the packaging industry to produce cans and other containers. Aluminum is preferred in packaging because it is lightweight, durable, and easy to recycle.
  • Marine industry: Aluminum sheets are used in the marine industry to manufacture boats and ships. Aluminum is preferred in the marine industry because it is corrosion-resistant and lightweight.

To learn more about our custom aluminum sheets at OD Metals, contact us today. 

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