How Plastic Angle Extrusions Are Used

Posted By: Admin | Date: 17-11-2022

The plastic extrusion manufacturing process is highly beneficial. Plastic extrusion companies use pre-shaped die and thermoplastic resins to build high-quality, cost-effective components at high volumes. Some benefits of this process include reduced waste production, excellent material compounding, creation of parts with highly complex cross-sections, and customizability to attain specific properties, like durability and fire resistance. These advantages have made plastic extrusions in Florida a common practice. Offshore Direct Metals is a leading supplier of high-quality component parts like plastic extrusions in Florida and across North America. 

But what does plastic extrusion mean? What applications use angled and L-shaped extrusions? Also, how are they used? Keep reading to find out more.

What are Plastic Angle Extrusions?

plastic extrusions in FloridaPlastic extrusions are products formed by placing thermoplastic resin in an enclosed cavity that presses and melts it through a die opening. The die has a predetermined structure and shape, which the resin will take. On the other hand, plastic angle extrusions are extruded products that join PVC sheets to create corrosion-resistant cabinets and tanks, among other items. 

Types of Applications that Use Angled and L-Shaped Extrusions

Angled and L-shaped extrusions deliver reliable and customized end results that fit your requirements. Expert plastic extrusion companies like Offshore Direct Metals offer angled and L-shaped extrusions of different colors. These trims are marvellously designed and are used to deliver a professional finishing edge. 

The following are some applications that used our angled and L-shaped extrusions. 

Protective Molding: Angled and L-shaped plastic extrusions can be customized to meet specific protective molding needs. For instance, trim moldings are thinner and narrower, enhancing their flexibility. As a result, you can use them to protect tight-angled and complex shape items, such as sharp unfinished edges, headlights, wheel wells, and other components that may need protective molding. 

Decorative Trim: Angled and L-shaped plastic extrusions provide a perfect final detail of your project. Whether it’s your high-end office furniture or kitchen, decorative trims offer a desirable appeal while covering up unfinished transitions or edges. These trims create a retro charm for your diner thanks to their vibrant and color-matching look. 

Shelf Support: The last thing you’d want is things falling down from the shelf because it’s weak. Angled and L-shaped plastic extrusions and strong and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you can use them not only to cover your shelves’ sharp edges but also to boost their stability. 

Industries that Use Angled Plastic Extrusions in Florida

Angled plastic extrusions have become a trend in Florida thanks to their high strength-to-weight ratio, thermal conductivity, and ability to perfectly fit complex angles and join PVC sheets. As a result, many sectors are using them, including:

  • Point-of-purchase
  • Store fixture
  • Visual Merchandising 
  • Lighting 
  • Refrigeration

Trusted Plastic Extrusion Company in Florida

Plastic angle extrusions can help you cover unfinished, complex-shaped, sharp surfaces, decorate your items, and support your shelves. However, they go beyond that as they are long-lasting. Always choose a certified, experienced supplier like OD Metals to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your angle plastic extrusions.

Interested in plastic extrusions in Florida? Contact us for top-quality, durable, and highly customized plastic extrusion supplies.

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