How to Protect Your Custom Aluminum Extrusions from Rusting

Posted By: | Date: 07-09-2022

One of the worst cosmetic and functional effects of dealing with metal components is rust which happens over time when the materials are not adequately treated to prevent or delay rust and corrosion. On the other hand, custom aluminum extrusions are well equipped to resist corrosion and oxidation that leads to rust. For high-quality component parts that are durable and last the test time, contact one of North America’s top aluminum extrusion suppliers, Offshore Direct Metals. 

Here is what you need to know about rust-free custom aluminum extrusions.

Why Avoid Rusting or Corroding Extrusions

custom aluminum extrusion suppliersWhile aluminum doesn’t rust the way other metals like iron do, it is possible for it to corrode. In most cases, aluminum takes a long period of time to disintegrate, but if not properly treated, the timeline of corrosion will be accelerated. Corrosion weakens aluminum, reducing its strength and compromising its structural integrity. Eventually, corrosion leads to openings and holes in aluminum. 

Aluminum Resistance to Rust

Aluminum is naturally incapable of rusting. In the form of orange-red flakes, rust only occurs from iron oxidation. Since aluminum is free of iron, aluminum extrusions don’t have to worry about rust itself. What aluminum component suppliers must prevent is corrosion, but luckily, aluminum does an adequate job itself. As aluminum metal reacts with oxygen, it produces an aluminum oxide coating. This film provides a thick, non-permeable barrier that enhances the metal’s defense against oxidation. Even if damaged, the aluminum oxide barrier tends to repair itself. Only if in highly basic or acidic conditions would the aluminum oxide film be rendered entirely ineffective. 

Coating Custom Aluminum Extrusions 

At Offshore Direct Metals, we go beyond aluminum’s natural defences to prevent corrosion and 
protect materials made with our custom aluminum extrusions. To further reduce the risk of corrosion, aluminum extrusion suppliers offer coating options. One popular choice for aluminum coating is a clear coat. The clear coat encapsulates the entire aluminum extrusion, protecting the aluminum metal from ever directly coming into contact with instances of oxygen. 

A clear coating to custom aluminum extrusions not only strengthens corrosion resistance, but it also does so without creating additional weight and priming the surface for painting. To learn about options or various finishes and coatings, talk to our team at Offshore Direct Metals. We will help you find the most suitable coatings for custom aluminum extrusions based on your unique applications and needs. 

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusions 

Corrosion resistance is just one of the many reasons custom aluminum extrusions are highly sought-after component parts in manufacturing and construction. Used in a wide spread of industries and encountered on a daily basis, aluminum is highly-durable and ductile with a strong strength-to-weight ratio. Customizing aluminum extrusions is a great option because it allows you to get a product that perfectly fits your exact application for optimal performance. With a range of customizable die options, you can be sure that your order of extrusions will last. 

For all your custom aluminum extrusion needs, contact Offshore Direct Metals. We are reputable suppliers of high-quality aluminum extrusions serving Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean. 

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