Overview of Aluminum Circle Production

Posted By: Admin | Date: 30-09-2016

Of all the materials used for packaging today, aluminum ranks at the top of the list. When looking around at the products you use on a daily basis, you can see that aluminum circle production is extremely important. Aluminum circles are used in the manufacturing process of soda, energy drink, air freshener, hair product, and other types of bottles.

Many different industries depend on quality aluminum circle suppliers to ensure that the end product meets or exceeds the consumer’s expectations. After all, the quality of the product that consumers buy will dictate whether a repeat purchase is made.

Aluminum bottle manufacturers use an impact extrusion process. During aluminum circle production, a hydraulic press with a punch and a lubricated metal slug are used. Once the slug is placed on the die, the punch comes into contact with the slug. This results in the slug becoming deformed and shaped around the punch. From there, a counter punch mechanism removes the slug from the workpiece.

Although aluminum circle production is commonly used for aluminum products, other soft metals can be manufactured in the same way, including mild steel, titanium, brass, magnesium, and tin. However, there are a number of advantages associated with aluminum impact extrusion. For instance, a finished aluminum product is manufactured faster, is lighter weight, lasts longer, and has a superior surface quality.

The only drawback to the production of aluminum circles is that the extruded product is not as environmentally friendly as with the coil-to-can process. For insulation purposes, between 30% and 40% less aluminum is required when using this other process. The reason is that with impact extrusion, the bottle uses roughly three times more aluminum than that of a traditional aluminum can. Even so, because aluminum bottles and cans are recyclable, both are considered environmentally friendly.

When working with aluminum extrusions or plastic injection molding, the shape of the die is first determined, as well as the color, meaning alloy or temper. The size of aluminum and plastic extrusions is determined by the size of the press.

Within the packaging industry, aluminum circle production plays a critical role. Especially considering that aluminum is an affordable and sustainable material, it is easy to see why demand is so high. Without impact extruding, companies would not be able to customize the end product with unique shapes and designs that give them an edge over the competition.

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