Plastic Extrusions Cost-Saving Options

Posted By: | Date: 29-09-2022

Plastic extrusion suppliers don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. When you choose custom extrusions, there are a variety of options available that suit the requirements of your project. From size to color and finish, OD Metals, North America’s leading plastic extrusion company gives you the options to get the most out of your components. 

When working with your plastic extrusion suppliers, you can choose from a range of materials and finishes to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your order. When you order high-quality plastic extrusions from a plastic extrusion company like OD Metals, you can be confident that your extrusions are built to last. 

Here’s what you need to know about choosing cost-effective options when ordering from a plastic extrusion company. 

Material Selection for Plastic Extrusions

plastic extrusion companyPlastic extrusion suppliers will typically manufacture extrusions in a variety of materials. Depending on the characteristics of the material, the costs of your plastic extrusions will differ. Though depending on the application of your plastic extrusions, higher-quality plastics may be more cost-effective because of their resilience and durability. 

Higher Order Quantity 

Even when you need a limited amount of extrusions, ordering extra prepares you for mishaps or situations where you may need more than you originally accounted for. When your order large quantities all at once, your plastic extrusion supplier will require less time for manufacturing than if you were to put in a separate order for less at a later date. 

Multiple-Material Extrusions

Modular plastic extrusions and multi-material parts involve significant amounts of time as well as labor-intensive. Then, assembly requires additional time and labor, which can lead to higher cost. More than one type of plastic polymers being manufactured into one profile from the start via co-extrusion rather than spending on multiple extrusion pieces. 

Hallowed Extrusion Profiles

When ordering, the weight of the individual extrusions may influence their cost. Reducing the weight of your components by ordering hollowed plastic extrusions. The ability to control the weight, shape, and finish of your custom plastic extrusions can also improve performance in many applications. 

Benefits of Plastic Extrusions 

Plastic extrusion suppliers in North America produce component parts for many everyday items used across many industries. Plastic extrusions can be found in wires, IV tubes, fencing, frames, tubing, windows, weather stripping, railings, and much more. Plastic extrusions are a top choice because of the speed and efficiency at which they are produced. Because of the ease in which they are manufactured, plastic extrusions can be produced in higher quantities than alternatives. The low cost options that are also usually recyclable which means that the components can be melted down and reused again with minimal environmental impact. Flexible design options mean that you can choose extrusions tailored to your needs for the best performance. 

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